Jabsco # 30550-1115 Sanitary Stainless Steel Pedestal Pump

Jabsco Pump 30550-1115

Jabsco # 30550-1115

Jabsco catalog # 30550-1115, Sanitary Stainless Steel Pedestal Pump, bare shafted pedestal pump end only without a Motor. 316 Stainless Steel Construction, with a High Pressure Neoprene Impeller and Tungsten Carbide/Nitrile Mechanical Seal. Ports are 1-1/2 Inch Clamp Type.

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Product Information :

The Jabsco 30550-1115 is a 316 stainless steel Flexible Impeller pump with a Neoprene Impeller, Tungsten Carbide/Nitrile Mechanical Seal, 1-1/2 Inch Clamp Type Ports, bare shafted pedestal pump end only without a Motor. SELF-PRIMING Primes at low or high speeds. For vertical dry suction lift of 10 feet (with neoprene impeller), a minimum of 860 RPM is required. Pump will produce suction lift up to 22 feet when wet. TEMPERATURES The operating temperature limits of the pump depend on the impeller compound. The following ranges apply: Neoprene - 45 degrees to 150 degrees F (7 degrees to 65 degrees C). Jabsco Hygienic Flexible Impeller Pumps handle low and high-viscosity liquids, gels and pastes and can pass suspended soft and hard solids with minimal damage. The output flow is smooth, steady and totally pulsation-free and their gentle pumping action will not breakdown shear-sensitive or fragile liquids. Designed to be cleaned in place or easily strip-deaned, Jabsco flexible impeller pumps frequently offer a more suitable and cost-effective alternative to many other pump types.

Unit depends on liquid pumped for lubrication. Do not run dry for more than 30 seconds. Lack of liquid will damage the impeller.

Features :

Pump Body:
316 Stainless Steel
High Pressure Neoprene
Shaft Seal:
Tungsten Carbide/Nitrile Mechanical Seal
Port Size:
Ports are 1-1/2 Inch Clamp Type

Product Specs :

Hygienic Flexible Impeller

Long-life mechanical shaft seal

All 316 grade Stainless Steel parts with high surface finish

Used in Food, Dairy, Beverage, Healthcare and Cosmetics sectors

Self priming.

No need for a Pressure Relief Valve.

Gentle pumping action gives excellent suspended solids handling capability.

Pump can be mounted above or below the liquid source.

Flow rate is exponentially linear to impeller speed.

Capable of pumping across a wide range of viscosities.

Can pump very abrasive media.

Can pump foams, emulsions and gas enriched aqueous materials.

Operates at high and low motor speeds.

Will not airlock; continues to operate even when air passes through the system.

Pumping is bi-directional due to the symmetry of the pump configuration.

Will pump out until the last drop of media has gone.

Have a low lifetime cost; few parts need to be replaced over its lifetime.

Compact design still delivers high flow rates.

Parts and Accessories for Jabsco model 30550-1115

Impeller :

Catalog # 8980-0005, Impeller, Neoprene

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Shaft Seal :

Catalog # 18753-0243, Mechanical Seal, Nitrile/Tungsten Carbide

Price: $ 464.62

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Casing frozen or cracked ? New Pump Casing :

Catalog # 18753-0353, Body, Stainless Steel, 1 Inch Clamp Ports

Price: $ 1297.14

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DAIRY Transfer and processing of raw milk, cream, milk whey, buttermilk, condensed milk. FOODS Processing of eggs, sugar liquors, brines, catsup, chocolate, glaze, gelatin, honey, jams, jellies, mayonnaise, molasses, mustard, pickle relish, vinegar, water, yeast slurries, syrups, liquids containing solids in suspension such as chopped tomatoes, nuts, peanut butter. < BEVERAGE Circulating and transferring alcohols, beers, brewery slop, cider, distillery wort, extracts, flavors, juice, mash, soft drink syrups, wines. PHARMACEUTICAL Moving medicines, cosmetics, process chemicals, lotions, preparations, filtering solutions, used as a filling line supply pump. Flow rate Nominal 10.5 USgallons/min at 1750rpm.