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Johnson Pump is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pumps for marine use. It also serves a multitude of industrial engineering sectors, as well as the global horticulture, shipbuilding, water treatment and automotive markets. They supply an expansive portfolio of pumps plus all the necessary accessories. The Johnson Pump portfolio covers internal gear pumps, flexible impeller pumps and circulation pumps. All of these items deliver strong performance and continued reliability. Johnson Pump Marine makes pumps for both leisure and commercial vessels. Among these items are bilge pumps, fuel transfer pumps, engine cooling pumps, circulation pumps, emergency pumping equipment, clutch pumps, wastewater and toilet handling pumps, drainage systems, high-pressure deck-washing kits and water pressure systems, plus numerous other related accessories and fittings. These pumps offer continued reliability in even the most difficult of conditions, and will deliver maximum effectiveness, while drawing minimal power and supporting low noise operation. Using Johnson Pumps, the long-term upkeep of vessels can be maintained at the highest levels. Many Johnson Pump Marine products are also applicable for use in mobile homes, rv's and camper vans.

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