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Due to Sherwood's manufacturing expertise in brass products, Marine Engine Coolant Pumps were sought out in 1920 as a growth industry in which to apply these skills. This commitment in the marine field was further cultivated during the Second World War when Sherwood became a prime supplier of Marine Engine Coolant Pumps for the United States Navy. During this period, Sherwood supplied a coolant pump for the following marine engine manufacturers: Buda, Caterpillar, Chris Craft, Cummins, Gray, Hercules and Packard. With the advance of pleasure and commercial boating in the Post war era, attention was turned to accommodating the expanding requirements of this growing market. Sherwood has developed a history of "Quality Pump Design and Manufacturing" expertise. This reputation and prominence in the marine industry becomes part of every marine engine on which a Sherwood pump is installed. Today’s advances in marine engine design create new challenges for pumps: limited space, higher speeds and greater rates of liquid cooling. Sherwood continues to keep pace with these increasing demands as the number one manufacture of propulsion and genset cooling pumps for both gasoline and diesel marine engines. Sherwood designs are sometimes copied, but the quality and reliability is never duplicated.

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