Tuthill # 6RC2F-LH Rotary Gear Pump

Tuthill Pump 6RC2F-LH

Tuthill # 6RC2F-LH

Tuthill catalog # 6RC2F-LH, Cast Iron Rotary Gear Pump, Pump End Only, no motor, Flange Mount, with Reversing Feature, LH left-hand suction port (from shaft end view), standard shaft, and 2 Inch NPT by 2 Inch NPT ports.

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The Tuthill 6RC2F-LH is a Cast Iron Rotary Gear Pump, Pump End Only, no motor, Flange Mount, with Reversing Feature, LH left-hand suction port (from shaft end view), standard shaft, and 2 Inch NPT by 2 Inch NPT ports. This pump was specifically developed for flange mounting applications and for close coupling to Tuthill's special motors to provide extremely compact close-coupled combinations. This pump is supplied with a single spring-loaded lip seal, and can handle inlet pressures to 25 PSI, and has a maximum differential capability of 100 PSI. Tuthill CF Series cast iron pumps have only two moving parts. Pumping action is based on a rotor, idler gear, and a cover cast with a crescent-shaped partition. This pump can be driven in either direction of rotation, unless outfitted with an internal relief valve. This pump does NOT have an internal relief valve, so an external relief valve should be added somewhere on the discharge piping. Please note that this pump is a positive displacement pump and as the pump rotates, liquid is positively delivered to the discharge side of the pump. If the discharge line is closed off, pressure will increase until the drive stalls and/or fails, the pump breaks or ruptures, or the piping bursts. To prevent this from happening, the use of a pressure relief valve is required, or use of an in-line safety relief valve, pressure shutdown switch or other similar device. A relief valve that directs the flow back to the supply tank is recommended. This pump features a unique reversing feature design. This design is ideal for rotating equipment and power transmission where direction of flow must remain consistent, even when shaft rotation changes. This pump has an LH left-hand suction port designation from the shaft end view. This pump should not be used for handling plain water, corrosive or abrasive liquids or liquids not possessing adequate lubricity. Do not run the pump dry, as this could cause severe damage to the internal seal, bushings and/or metal parts.

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Catalog # 5CF94-7, Viton lip seal

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There are many applications that the Tuthill 6RC2FLH can be used in. Original Equipment Manufacturers worldwide incorporate these internal gear pumps into their products for lubrication and transfer service. This reliable internal gear pump is ideal for custom OEM lubricating, lowpressure hydraulic, transfer, circulating, burner oil and many other industrial pump applications. It can be used in Air Conditioning Compressors, Air Compressors, Gas Compressors, Gearboxes, Transmissions, and Engines. This pump incorporates Tuthill's unique Reversing Feature which allows positive reversing action without the use of valves. Port positions remain constant regardless of the direction of shaft rotation. It is ideal for use in power transmission applications where the drive shaft direction changes, but the direction of flow must remain constant. Other applications where shaft rotation is unknown, the reversing feature allows the customer to specify the suction and discharge ports. When shaft rotation changes from counterclockwise to clockwise, the idler carrier including the idler gear and crescent automatically rotates 180 degrees through the suction zone to the position shown in the drawing below. This changes the direction of the flow within the pump without changing port positions. On resumption of counterclockwise rotation, the crescent will swing back to the original position.