Tuthill # 2LFD Cartridge Lubrication/Hydraulic Pump Viton seal

Tuthill Pump 2LFD

Tuthill # 2LFD

Tuthill catalog # 2LFD, Cartridge Lubrication/Hydraulic Pump. Pump End Only. Cast Iron Construction. Inlet Port is 1 Inch NPT, Discharge Port is 1 Inch NPT.

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Product Information :

These pumps are designed for flange mounting. Compact design mounts directly to OEM equipment.

Features :

Pump Body:
Cast Iron
Port Size:
Inlet Port is 1 Inch NPT, Discharge Port is 1 Inch NPT.

Product Specs :

Nominal Flow Capacity at 1800 RPM : 6 GPM at 1800 RPM

Standard Discharge Pressure: up to 150 PSI

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For applications where the pump is to be built directly into the customer's machinery or equipment, compact Tuthill cartridge pumps provide an effective and economical answer. They have been used in hundreds of applications on compressors, machine tools, other equipment usually as lubrication pumps. They are also widely used in low pressure hydraulic applications, and for many other purposes.