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Marco Pump Company is an Italian manufacturer of pumps and other automotive and marine products. It was started in 1970 by Giovanni Marco Franceschini and today has a plant of over 8,000 square meters where they manufacture electric and air horns for cars, trucks and boats, as well as electric pumps for the transfer of various liquids. These products are manufactured using the most advanced production equipment, such as spectrum analysers, vibrating stands, and other sophisticated instrumentation, including an anechoic chamber, for the development and testing of products. Today the use of advanced technology enables MARCO to reach the highest International Quality Standards, allowing the creation of highly competitive products that are exported daily to over 80 countries. Thanks to past experience, innovations and trade expansion over the last few years, MARCO is now acknowledged as a leading manufacturer in its own field. This is also due to an expert and versatile organization offering a highly qualified and professional management team geared to the needs of the individual customer.

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