Moyno # 65511 Pump - Cast Iron body Packing seal 1-1/4 x 1-1/4 ports

Moyno Pump 65511

Moyno # 65511

Moyno catalog # 65511, Progressing Cavity Pump, Bare Shafted Pedestal Pump End only. Fitted with : Cast Iron Body, 416 Stainless Steel Rotor, Buna Stator, Packing Type Seal. 1-1/4 Inch NPT Suction Port x 1-1/4 Inch NPT Discharge port

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Moyno 500 Series 600 Pumps offer economical, highefficiency performance with application versatility and maintenance simplicity.

Construction of Pump • Body/Housing Cast Iron • Rotor Heavy duty chrome plated 416 stainless steel • Stator Buna 10160F Temperature Range • Seal Packing • Ports are 11/4 Inch NPT Suction Port x 11/4 Inch NPT Discharge port

Features • Combine high performance with compact size • Provide accurate, repeatable, nonpulsating, lowshear flow • Design simplicity reduces maintenance • No valves to stick or wear out and no timing gears to align • Handle clean water to viscous, abrasive fluids or solidsladen fluids • Selfpriming With wetted pumping elements, the mechanical seal model pump is capable of 15 feet of suction lift when operating at 1750 rpm with pipe size equal to port size. The packing model is capable of 25 feet of suction lift.

IMPORTANT To prevent damage to pump, Pump rotation must be clockwise when facing shaft. Check direction of rotation before startup. DO NOT RUN DRY. Unit depends on liquid pumped for lubrication. NOTE Maximum shaft speed is 1750 rpm.