Jabsco # Q301J-118S-3A ParMax HD3 Freshwater Delivery Pump

Jabsco Pump Q301J-118S-3A

Jabsco # Q301J-118S-3A

Jabsco catalog # Q301J-118S-3A, ParMax HD3 series Freshwater Delivery Pump, rated up to 3 GPM, 60 PSI shutoff, with integrated pressure switch. Motor is 12 Volt DC. Ports are snap in fittings, includes 1/2 inch Straight Hosebarb Snap-In Port fittings.

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The Jabsco Q301J-118S-3A is a ParMax HD3 series Freshwater Delivery Pump, rated up to 3 GPM, 60 PSI shutoff, with integrated pressure switch, 1/2 inch Straight Hosebarb, coupled to a 12 Volt DC Motor. This pump is the updated and improved Jabsco freshwater supply pump, designed to provide years of satisfactory service in applications both large and small. It is the new version pump and replaces the Jabsco models 313954012, and 313950092. This HD (Heavy Duty) model includes a slightly wider diameter motor with a powder coated shell, a co-molded diaphragm technology for long life and durability, cast aluminum endbells and lower housing to improve pressure capability and life. The Pumphead and upper housing material are Glass fiber reinforced polypropylene, with a co-molded TPV Diaphragm, and EPDM Check valves. This pump has an integrated, sealed pressure switch for on-demand operation, with a shut-off pressure of 60 PSI. It is also equipped with an integrated bypass module to reduce cycling and provide smoother flow. The motor is a permanent magnet brushed type, with a TENV (Totally Enclosed non-Ventilated) enclosure, with ingress protection to IPX6, and has vibration dampening mounting feet. This pump has an efficient and quiet operation. A plastic housing protects the motor from corrosion. This pump has a Self-priming capability of 7 feet which allows for installation versatility, and the pump can run dry without damage. This pump provides exceptional performance in an economical footprint. The maximum inlet pressure is 30 PSI. The maximum fluid temperature range for this pump is 32 degrees F to 140 degrees F (0 degrees C to 60 degrees C). NOTE : The pump is not submersible. IMPORTANT : Do not use motor pump units for pumping gasoline or other flammable liquids.

Features :

Port Size:
Inlet Port is 1/2 inch Straight Hosebarb Snap-In Port fittings, Discharge Port is 1/2 inch Straight Hosebarb Snap-In Port fittings.
Motor Specs :
Horsepower, 12 Volt DC.


The Jabsco Q301J118S3A is a heavy duty freshwater delivery pump designed to provide ondemand flow and pressure of freshwater to galleys, showers, washing machines, etc. The typical rule of thumb for sizing a freshwater delivery pump is 1 GPM per outlet. 4060 psi 2.8 4.1 Bar options provide similar pressure to that in a home on land. These pumps are equipped with a bypass which enables smoother flow and decreases cycling. This pump is designed for use with fresh water ONLY. Use with any other fluid could result in damage to the pump and the surrounding environment, possible exposure to hazardous substances and injury. This pump has an integrated pressure switch. When connected to power, it can start automatically without warning if the pressure switch senses pressure below that of switch shutoff. Mount the pump horizontally, or if vertically, with the pumphead facing down. The pump should be mounted to a solid surface above the waterline in a dry area with adequate ventilation.