Jabsco # 53040-2023 Bronze Flexible Impeller Utility Pump

Jabsco Pump 53040-2023

Jabsco # 53040-2023

Jabsco catalog # 53040-2023, Bronze Flexible Impeller Utility Pump and Motor unit. Bronze Construction, with a High Pressure Nitrile Impeller and Nitrile/Carbon/Ceramic Mechanical Seal. Pump is Close Coupled to a 1450 RPM, 230 Volts Motor. Comes with a 6 foot Cord. Ports are 1 Inch BSP internal threaded.

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Product Information :

The Jabsco 53040-2023 is a bronze Flexible Impeller pump with a high pressure Nitrile Impeller, Nitrile/Carbon/Ceramic Mechanical seal, 1 Inch BSP internal threaded Ports, coupled to a 1450 RPM, 230 Volts, 50HZ Motor, with a 6 foot Cord. These pumps can be used where Bronze, self-priming, 9.2 GPM (35 LPM), High Pressure up to 30 PSI, debris-tolerance, and portable 230V AC 50Hz operation is desired. These flexible impeller pumps are self-priming and pump instantly with dry suction, lifts up to 10 feet (3m) and up to 22 feet (6.7m) when wetted. Permits cleaner, safer installations. No foot valve required. Be sure suction lines are airtight or pump will not self-prime. This Pump has an integral fluid reservoir to protect pump against dry running for up to 30 minutes. The motor is 4 Pole, single phase, 250 Watt, AC, Enclosure IP55. Fitted with manual reset thermal overload. Jabsco bronze bodied AC motor pumps are self-priming, portable and versatile, making them ideal for a wide range of applications wherever AC power is available. The Temperature limits for the Nitrile impeller in this pump : 45 degrees F to 180 degrees F (7 degrees C to 82 degrees C). The Nitrile impeller in this pump is good for oil-based products. This pump is rated to 40 minutes continuous duty at 1.5 bar differentential pressure with water at 20 degrees C ambient temperature.

Do not pump gasoline, solvents, thinners or other flammable liquids.

Features :

Pump Body:
High Pressure Nitrile
Shaft Seal:
Nitrile/Carbon/Ceramic Mechanical seal
Port Size:
Ports are 1 Inch BSP internal threaded

Product Specs :

Self-primes from dry up to 9.8 feet .

Flows up to 9.2 GPM .

Pressure up to 36.3 psi .

Convenient carrying handle.

Easy to service and maintain.

Will tolerate abrasive wear.

Handles hard and soft solids without clogging.

Non pulsating flow.

Handles viscosities up to 500 cP.

Uses standard IEC motor

Dry-running capability for 30 minutes without damage to pump .

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Impeller :

Catalog # 8980-0003, Impeller, Nitrile, High Pressure

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Typical Applications for this pump are Sump emptying and cellar drainage, Sewage tank emptying, Product transfer, Mains boosting, Shallow well pumping, Water sampling, Washdown systems, Silo pumpout on farms, and Dockside pumpout of toilets. These pumps are versatile, multipurpose units that fill in where more specialised and expensive units are not practical for the job in hand. This Jabsco flexible impeller pump combines the priming feature of positive displacement type pumps with the general transfer ability of centrifugals. It will pump either thin or viscous liquids and can handle more solids in suspension than other types of rotary pumps.