Jabsco # 50880-1000 Pump and Motor

Jabsco Pump 50880-1000

Jabsco # 50880-1000

Jabsco catalog # 50880-1000, Shower Drain And Bilge Pump and Motor unit. Pump is Coupled to a 12 Volt DC Motor. Ports are 3/4 Inch hose barb.

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Product Information :

The Jabsco 50880-1000 is a shower drain and bilge pump with 3/4 Inch hose barb Ports, coupled to a 12 Volt DC Motor. This is a robust diaphragm pump suitable for shower and sink drain applications with a multi-positional pump head. It is a reliable, compact pump with a nominal flow rate of 4.2 US gallons/min (16 Litres/min) and is self-priming from dry up to 10 feet (3m), and is capable of extensive dry running. This single diaphragm pump is ideal for emptying the shallowest of bilges, and it's filterless design makes it virtually impossible to block and simplifies maintenance. It features multi-position ports, which help simplify installation. The dc motor is suitable for intermittent duty and should not be run for more than 30 minutes continuously.

Features :

Port Size:
Ports are 3/4 Inch hose barb

Product Specs :

4.2 GPM open flow output at 3 feet head.

Self-priming up to 10 feet vertical lift allows mounting above wet bilges.

Flexible installation.

Compact and simple design.


Quiet running.

Capable of extensive dry running.

Corrosion-resistant parts.

Complies with USCG 183.410 and ISO 8846 MARINE .


Uses multi positional ports for easy mounting of the pump.

If mounted vertically the motor should be above the pump head.

Parts and Accessories for Jabsco model 50880-1000

Major Overhaul Kit / Rebuild Kit :

Catalog # SK880, Service Kit, with Cover, Waste Pump Joker Valves, Waste Pump Ports, Diaphragm, Hex Head Screws, and Washer

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Typical application for this pump is as a self priming bilge, shower and sink drain pump. If mounting this pump vertically then the motor should be above the pump head. Use rubber grommets provided to absorb vibration. Use 19mm i.d. spiral reinforced hose, or semirigid pipework systems. Connect the hose to inlet and outlet of pump using two stainless steel hose clamps at both ends. All suction connections must be airtight and free of sharp bends or restrictions. Check all electrical connections periodically, particularly in salt water areas. Corrosion can cause loss of performance or nonoperation in extreme cases. The motor should be protected with a corrosion inhibiting spray and any rust should be removed and the motor repainted.