Jabsco # 50580-9301 Bronze Electromagnetic Clutch Pump 24 VDC

Jabsco Pump 50580-9301

Jabsco # 50580-9301

Jabsco catalog # 50580-9301, Bronze Electromagnetic Clutch Pump. Bronze Construction, with a Neoprene Impeller and Carbon/Ceramic Mechanical Seal. Ports are 1 Inch NPT. Pump has a 24 Volt DC Clutch and 1B Pulley.

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Product Information :

The Jabsco 50580-9301 is a bronze Flexible Impeller pump with an electromagnetic clutch, Neoprene Impeller, Carbon/Ceramic Mechanical Seal, 1 Inch NPT Ports, with a 24 Volt DC Clutch and 1B Pulley. This pump has a 24 Volt DC electromagnetic clutch with a 1B Pulley and Twin row ball type bearings. Electromagnetic clutches can be operated remotely via float or Hydro Air switches, while fitting a vacuum switch eliminates all risk of dry running damage. However, electromagnetic clutches will only engage as long as electrical power remains available. This is a heavy-duty bilge and deck wash pump, belt driven from the engine, for leisure and commercial craft. Jabsco Engine Driven Pumps are probably the strongest and most reliable pumps produced today. Combined with other benefits such as self priming and very high flow rates, these pumps are now the firm favorites of commercial and professional mariners worldwide. All the pumps are easily maintained and can fulfill a variety of duties onboard both modern and classic vessels. Pulley diameter is 7 Inches. Liquid temperature limits are 45 degrees F to 180 degrees F (7 degrees C to 82 degrees C).

Do not run dry. Do not use this pump for gasoline, petrol, petroleum products or any products with a flash point below 37 degrees C .

Features :

Pump Body:
Shaft Seal:
Carbon/Ceramic Mechanical Seal
Port Size:
Ports are 1 Inch NPT

Product Specs :

Product Specs :

24.5 GPM at 10' total head at 1500 rpm.

Self-prime from dry up to 2.4m

Bilge debris presents no problems to this robust, bronze bodied flexible impeller pump.

Can be remotely controlled from outside the engine room, and can be automatically shut off by fitting a vacuum cut-off switch

Constructed from marine quality bronze and stainless steel

Easy to service and maintain

Handles hard and soft solids without clogging

Will tolerate abrasive wear

Can pump in either direction

Will not airlock

Parts and Accessories for Jabsco model 50580-9301

Impeller :

Catalog # 920-0001-P, Impeller and Gasket Kit, Neoprene

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Other Parts :

Catalog # 4732-0000, Vacuum Switch. Pump is Close Coupled to a Motor.

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Typical applications include the following Marine; engine cooling, bilge pumping, washdown and deck flooding, ballast transfer, general purpose pump, fire fighting. Industrial; circulation and transfer of water, sump drainage, cellar drainage, emergency pumping. Farming/Agriculture; waste water removal, shallow well pump, ditch drainage.

Pumps must be securely mounted on a rigid surface. Pumps can be mounted in any position. If mounted vertically, ensure the bearings are above the pump head to ensure long life. The rotation of the pump shaft determines the location of the inlet and outlet port. Pumps are dry self priming. If fluid does not enter pump after 30 seconds, stop pump, and check inlet hose for leaks and/or blockages. Maximum speed for these pumps is 2200 rpm, do not operate pump outside the published limits.