Jabsco # 35760-0094 Blower

Jabsco Pump 35760-0094

Jabsco # 35760-0094

Jabsco catalog # 35760-0094, Heavy Duty Flangemount Blower. Blower is Coupled to a 24 Volt DC Motor. Rated for 250 CFM air flow.

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The Jabsco 35760-0094 is a 250 CFM, heavy duty, continuous rated, flangemount blower, coupled to a 24 Volt DC Motor These powerful blowers are designed for use wherever continuous ventilation is required. A motor life of 5,000 hours is guaranteed for service in the toughest conditions. They provide outputs of 250 cfm (7.1m3/min). Flange mount blowers are mounted with the discharge port fastened directly to a flat surface to minimize ducting. The inlet port can then be connected with duct hose to the area requiring ventilation. These Commercial-duty models are rated for continuous service.

Blowers should be mounted away from extreme heat to prevent distortion of blower wheel or housing.

Features :

Product Specs :

Extended Life 5,000 Hour Motor

Tough Reinforced Thermoset Plastic Housing

Mounts To Any Flat Surface

Slip-On Inlet Ducting Connection

Efficient High Volume Air Flow

Low-Current Draw

Corrosion-Resistant Materials Throughout

N.M.M.A. Type Accepted

Meets USCG Regulation 183.410 and ISO 8846 MARINE for Ignition Protection

Complies with ISO 9097 MARINE

Conforms with BSEN 50081-2 for Supression of Electro-magnetic interference

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Mount blower on flat bulkhead surface in highest part of compartment free from spray or deck wash. Cut a 35/8 hole in bulkhead and secure blower with washers and No. 10 screws NOTICE Tighten screws evenly to avoid flange damage. Use a suitable discharge fitting so that static pressure of blower will not be affected by change in wind direction. Route inlet ducting with as few bends as possible to lower 1/3 of the bilge compartment where vapors are likely to accumulate. Be sure ducting is positioned below top of engine stringers but not so low as to become submerged in bilge water. Locate pickup to take advantage of natural air flow direction.