Jabsco # 35400-0000 Flangemount 4 Inch Ventilation Blower

Jabsco Pump 35400-0000

Jabsco # 35400-0000

Jabsco catalog # 35400-0000, Flangemount 4 Inch Ventilation Blower. Reinforced Plastic Construction. Blower is Coupled to a 12 Volt DC Motor. Rated for 250 CFM air flow.

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Product Information :

The Jabsco 35400-0000 is a 4 Inch Flangemount, 250 cfm, reinforced plastic blower, coupled to a 12 Volt DC Motor. These are high-volume air intake or extraction blowers for engine room, fuel compartment, galley or heads. These quiet-running blowers are designed to allow easy connection to ductwork. They incorporate corrosion-resistant materials throughout. The DC Motors on these blowers comply with USCG Regulations 183.410 and ISO 8846 MARINE for Ignition Protection, and with ISO 9097 Marine for Electric Fans. These Jabsco blowers are primarily intended for intermittent duty cycles such as evacuating fuel vapors from bilge areas. If desired, they also may be used for other general air circulation applications with longer duty cycles. However, when doing so, it should be noted that the maximum motor life is approximately 1000 hours. Therefore, the blower should only be used for applications if this length of service is acceptable.

Blowers should be mounted away from extreme heat to prevent distortion of blower wheel or housing.

Features :

Pump Body:
Reinforced Plastic

Product Specs :

250 CFM air flow.

Tough Reinforced Plastic Housing.

Efficient High Volume Air Flow.

4 Inch Outlet flange mounts directly on bulkhead, or any flat surface.

Slip-on inlet ducting connection.

Low current draw.

Dimensionally stable, quiet-running Delrin rotors.

Corrosion-resistant materials throughout.

N.M.M.A. Type Accepted

Meets USCG Regulations 183.410 and ISO 8846 MARINE for ignition protection.

Complies with ISO 9097 MARINE for Electric Fans.

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Flangemount Blowers are of a radial design, which gives the highest output in more complex installations with longer ducting lengths and/or multiple bends in the ducting. They are generally mounted directly onto a flat bulkhead using a mounting collar to connect to the discharge ducting. This allows a very neat installation on an engine room bulk head. Jabsco DC Blowers are designed to remove fumes from the engine compartments of gasoline powered boats prior to startup, and therefore conform to ISO 8846 MARINE and USCG Regulations for ignition protection. They are listed as N.M.M.A. type accepted and comply with ISO 9097 MARINE and are CE marked. Jabsco Blowers can also be used for air intake or extraction in galleys, bilges, accommodation and head compartments. Only the heavyduty blowers are designed for operation in commercial or heavy use applications. Blowers should not be installed close to sources of direct heat exceeding 180 degrees F.