Jabsco # 31600-0092 PAR-MAX 3 Automatic Water Pump 3.5 GPM - 12 Volt DC

Jabsco Pump 31600-0092

Jabsco # 31600-0092

Jabsco catalog # 31600-0092, PAR-MAX 3 Automatic Water Pump and Motor unit. Polypropylene Construction, with a Santoprene Diaphragm and EPDM Check Valves. Pump is Coupled to a 12 Volt DC Motor. Pressure switch turns on at 20 PSI, turns off at 40 PSI. Ports are 1/2 Inch (13mm) Hose barb or Thread. *** NOTE : This catalog number has been updated by the manufacturer, and will ship as the Jabsco Pumps catalog # 32600-0092.

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Product Information :

Pressure Switch Turns On at 20 PSI, Turns Off at 40 PSI. 12 VDC Motor. The PAR-MAX Automatic Water System Pump is designed for self-contained boats and RV's with multiple fixture water systems. The system operates automatically. When a fixture is opened, the pump instantly begins operation to provide a smooth constant flow from tank to faucet. Closing the faucet automatically discontinues pump operation. The PAR-MAX pumps are self-priming and may be located above or below the fresh water tank in a dry location. To vertically mount these units, it is best to do so with the motor on top. This will prevent water dripping on motor in the event of a leak. Place pump on a solid surface and secure with four mounting screws (not included) being careful not to compress the rubber grommets which act as shock absorbers.

Do not pump gasoline, solvents, thinners or other flammable liquids.

Features :

Pump Body:
Shaft Seal:
Port Size:
Ports are 1/2 Inch (13mm) Hose barb or Thread

Product Specs :

Motor - Permanent Magnet

Self-Priming to 10 ft.

Runs Dry Without Damage

Smooth Flow

Four Piston, Diaphragm Pump

Powerful Motor with Thermal Overload Protection

Snap-in Ports

Pressure Switch with Boot

Meets USCG Regulation 183.410 and EN ISO 8846 MARINE

Meets EN 50081-1 Electro-magnetic Compatibility

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Catalog # 18916-0040, Pressure Switch, 40 PSI

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A Jabsco Pumpgard in line strainer should be installed between pump and tank to keep debris out of pump and system.