Jabsco # 30530-0104 Stainless Steel Pedestal Pump

Jabsco Pump 30530-0104

Jabsco # 30530-0104

Jabsco catalog # 30530-0104, Stainless Steel Pedestal Pump, bare shafted pedestal pump end only without a Motor. 316 Stainless Steel Construction, with a Standard Pressure Viton Impeller and Tungsten Carbide Mechanical Seal. Ports are 1-1/2 Inch NPT Internal.

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Product Information :

The Jabsco 30530-0104 is a 316 stainless steel Flexible Impeller pump with a standard pressure Viton Impeller, Tungsten Carbide Mechanical Seal, 1-1/2 Inch NPT Internal Ports, bare shafted pedestal pump end only without a Motor. This pump can be used where single or variable speed operation and 316 stainless steel material are desirable. Self-priming, 50 GPM (189 LPM) flow and debris-tolerant. These pumps are self-priming and will prime at low or high speeds. For a vertical dry suction lift of 10 feet (3m) (pumps with neoprene/nitrile/ viton impellers), a minimum of 860 RPM is required. Pump will produce suction lift up to 22 feet (6.7m) when wet. Be sure suction lines are airtight or pump will not self-prime. This unit depends on the liquid pumped for lubrication. Do not run this pump dry for more than 30 seconds as a lack of liquid will damage the impeller. The operating temperature limits of the pump depend on the impeller compound. The following range applies for Viton impellers : 60 degrees F to 180 degrees F (15 degrees C to 82 degrees C). A Viton/FKM impeller is good for hydrocarbons and most solvents. The tungsten carbide seal in this pump is good for when pumping highly-corrosive or abrasive fluids. For pedestal mount models (30530-0xxx) operating at 1750 rpm, select a 3 HP motor for these standard pressure impellers, with an appropriate service factor.

Do not pump gasoline or other flammable liquids. Do not run dry.

Features :

Pump Body:
316 Stainless Steel
Standard Pressure Viton
Shaft Seal:
Tungsten Carbide Mechanical Seal
Port Size:
Ports are 1-1/2 Inch NPT Internal

Product Specs :

Open Flow of 50 GPM .

Servicing and clean out is a simple operation.

Pulsation Free Flow: Delivers a smooth even flow.

Non-Shear Action: Will handle delicate fluids.

Hard Solid Handling: Passes hard solids or abrasives with minimal wear or damage.

Parts and Accessories for Jabsco model 30530-0104

Impeller :

Catalog # 14346-0004, Impeller, Standard Pressure - Viton

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Shaft Seal :

Catalog # 18753-0252, Mechanical Seal, Tungsten Carbide/Viton

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Casing frozen or cracked ? New Pump Casing :

Catalog # 18753-0191, Pump Body, Stainless Steel

Price: $ 1181.70

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This Stainless Steel Jabsco flexible impeller pump combines the priming feature of positive displacement type pumps with the general transfer ability of centrifugals. It will pump either thin or viscous liquids and can handle more solids in suspension than other types of rotary pumps. It operates at low or high speeds, can be mounted at any angle and pumps in either direction with equal efficiency. Typical Applications for this pump are Circulating and transferring, velocitymixing, pumping machine tool coolants, return spill, sump drainage, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, soap, liquors, ink, dyes, alcohol, dilute acids, tanning liquors, glycerine, brine, etc. Processing medicines, lotions and preparations. Filtering pharmaceutical solutions. Transferring and applying starches, sizes, etc. Circulating and processing wood pulp slurries. Transfer brines, vinegar, syrups during processing, liquids containing solids in suspension such as chopped tomatoes, nuts. etc. Removal of distillery wort and brewery slop. Processing viscous materials such as peanut butler, mayonnaise, ketchup, honey, etc. Pumping whiskey, wine and rums. Transferring liquid fertilizers and components.