Jabsco # 28330-2103 Stainless Steel Pedestal Pump

Jabsco Pump 28330-2103

Jabsco # 28330-2103

Jabsco catalog # 28330-2103, Stainless Steel Pedestal Pump, bare shafted pedestal pump end only without a Motor. Stainless Steel 316 Grade Construction, with a Standard Pressure Nitrile Impeller and Carbon/Ceramic Mechanical Seal. Ports are 1 Inch BSP internal threaded.

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Product Information :

The Jabsco 28330-2103 is a stainless steel 316 grade Flexible Impeller pump with a Nitrile Impeller, Carbon/Ceramic Mechanical Seal, 1 Inch BSP internal threaded Ports, bare shafted pedestal pump end only without a Motor. These 316L stainless steel hygienic pumps with a polished finish make up the Jabsco 28 Series. Built with a foot or flange for mounting the motor (making them monobloc), they are certified 3A and FDA. Their main applications are in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical fields, but they can be used in the industry for highly viscous, alcoholic, corrosive and abrasive solutions. Their delicate pumping action respects liquids fragile or sensitive to shear. Cream preparations, jams, sauces and pie preparations containing fruit pieces are easily managed. Large dry priming capacity up to five meters - enabling convenient and safe installation positions for transfers and settling. The presence of a single moving part (the impeller) greatly facilitates maintenance. There are only four screws to remove the cover for simplify the inspection and replacement of the impeller if necessary. Four additional screws allow access for maintenance of mechanical seals.

Features :

Pump Body:
Stainless Steel 316 Grade
Standard Pressure Nitrile
Shaft Seal:
Carbon/Ceramic Mechanical Seal
Port Size:
Ports are 1 Inch BSP internal threaded

Product Specs :

Self primes from dry up to 5.0 metres

Flows up to 80 litres per minute

Pressure up to 4.0 bar

Handles hard or soft solids - max. 6mm dia

Tolerates abrasive wear - replacable wearplate

Non pulsating flow, proportional to speed

Handles viscosities up to 4,000 centiPoise

Minimal shear to thixotropic fluids

Easy to service and maintain

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Catalog # 14282-0003B, Impeller

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These pumps are specially adapted for unloading and transfer of ingredients, tank filling and emptying, Recirculation and mixing, Filling portions and containers, Brine injection, Sampling, filtration and more. Sectors included are Agrifood and drink, Hygienic and cosmetic products, Industrial liquid products. Typical Applications include the following Acids and alkalis, compounds, copper sulphate, methyls, alcohols. Industrial chemicals, resins, oils, fatty acids, brine. Detergents, soaps, hydrogen peroxide. Paints, dyes, inks, varnishes, laquers, solvents. Transfer, filling, recirculation and agitation, spillage return, spraying, coating, filtration. Viscous, shearsensitive fluids, small hard and soft solids in suspension.