Jabsco # 23680-4003 Pump and Motor

Jabsco Pump 23680-4003

Jabsco # 23680-4003

Jabsco catalog # 23680-4003, Water Puppy and Motor unit. Bronze Construction, with a Nitrile Impeller. Pump is Close Coupled to a 12 Volts DC Motor. Ports are 1/2 Inch BSP or 1 Inch Hose barb.

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Product Information :

The Jabsco 23680-4003 is a bronze Flexible Impeller pump with a Nitrile Impeller, 1/2 Inch BSP or 1 Inch Hose barb Ports, coupled to a 12 Volts DC Motor. This pump has a nominal flow rate of 8 GPM (30.4 LPM), and is self-priming from dry up to 6 feet (2m) and a lift to 20 feet (6m) when primed. Be sure suction lines are airtight or pump will not self-prime. This workhorse is designed for general transfer pumping where self-priming and debris tolerance are required. The pump ports have external 1 Inch hose barb and internal 1/2 Inch pipe threads. Also provided are two male port adapters to allow the attachment of 3/4 Inch female garden hose fittings. The pump cannot run against a closed outlet such as encountered when using a garden hose type shut-off nozzle. Pressure for normal operation should not exceed 20 feet of head (8.7 psi). Temperature of pumped liquid may be in the range of 45 degrees - 180 degrees F (7 degrees - 82 degrees C). This unit depends on liquid pumped for lubrication. Do Not Run Dry for more than 30 seconds. Lack of liquid will damage the impeller and the pump components.

For intermittent duty use only. Do not pump gasoline, solvents, or thinners with this pump.

Features :

Pump Body:
Port Size:
Ports are 1/2 Inch BSP or 1 Inch Hose barb

Product Specs :

Small bilge debris present no problem to these bronze bodied, flexible impeller pumps.

Simple design means fewer wearing parts.

32 lpm output @ 3m head.

Self priming to 1.2m .



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Impeller :

Catalog # 6303-0003, Impeller, Nitrile

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This pump is a highflow, continuously rated bilge pump offering good discharge head. It can be used for bilge pumping, livewell circulation, washdown and general pumping requirements. For intermittent duty use only, motor may be reversed to empty bait tank. The Commercial Duty Water Puppy has 25 percent more flow than the standard model and a heavyduty motor. The pump must be mounted in a dry locationthe motor is not waterproof and must not be submerged. Selection of a cool ventilated location will generally extend pump motor life. The unit can be mounted in any desired position. It is best to mount so that water dripping from loose port connection will not wet the motor. The pump head may be rotated 180 degrees on the motor to change the direction of flow. Oilresistant nitrile impeller is standard. The Nitrile impeller in this pump is good for oilbased products, and has a Temperature limit of 50 degrees to 180 degrees F.