Jabsco # 23610-3103 Maxi Puppy 3000 Flexible Impeller Pump

Jabsco Pump 23610-3103

Jabsco # 23610-3103

Jabsco catalog # 23610-3103, Maxi Puppy 3000 Flexible Impeller Pump and Motor unit. Bronze Construction, with a Nitrile Impeller. Pump is Close Coupled to a 24 Volt DC Motor. Ports are 1/2 Inch BSP thread and 1 Inch ID hose.

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Product Information :

The Jabsco 23610-3103 is a bronze Flexible Impeller pump with a Nitrile Impeller, 1/2 Inch BSP thread and 1 Inch ID hose Ports, coupled to a 24 Volt DC Motor. This pump is a continuously rated, high-flow, high-pressure, heavy-duty pump for general-purpose use, or as a bilge pump offering good discharge head. It is built to last with a bronze pump head and an oil-resistant nitrile impeller. This pump has a nominal flow rate of 720 GPH (2725 LPH) / 11 GPM (44 LPM), and is self-priming from dry up to 8 feet (2.4m) and a lift to 20 feet (6m) when primed. Be sure suction lines are airtight or pump will not self-prime. The Temperature limits for the Nitrile impeller in this pump : 45 degrees F to 180 degrees F (7 degrees C to 82 degrees C). This unit depends on liquid pumped for lubrication. Do Not Run Dry for more than 30 seconds. Lack of liquid will damage the impeller and the pump components.

Do not this Jabsco pump for petrol, petroleum products or any products with a flash point below 37 degrees C .

Features :

Pump Body:
Port Size:
Ports are 1/2 Inch BSP thread and 1 Inch ID hose

Product Specs :

11 GPM output at 10' total head.

Bilge debris presents no problem to this bronze bodied, flexible impeller design.

Simple design means fewer wearing parts all user serviceable.



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These flexible impeller pumps are selfpriming and therefore, are ideal for bilge pumping, washdown, circulation and many general purpose onboard or dockside applications. The bronze bodies and stainless steel shafts are well suited for marine environments. INSTALLATION Jabsco Maxi Puppy 3000 can be mounted on any flat surface. Fit the pump in a dry, well ventilated position where there is full access for service. If installed in a vertical position the motor must be above the pump head. Use the rubber grommets provided to minimise vibration, do not overtighten the mounting screws. Secure 1 Inch id hose either direct to the discharge ports or to 1/2 Inch BSP male threaded fittings using stainless steel hose clamps. Use spiral reinforced hose that will not collapse under suction, or rigid or semi rigid pipework systems. The pipework must be compatible with the liquid being pumped. Pipe runs should be kept as straight and short as possible, avoiding rising and dipping over obstructions. Fit a strainer on the inlet hose to prevent larger debris from entering the pump.