Jabsco # 18690-0230 Pump and Motor

Jabsco Pump 18690-0230

Jabsco # 18690-0230

Jabsco catalog # 18690-0230, Self-Priming Macerator Pump and Motor unit. Nitrile Impeller. Pump is Close Coupled to a 230 Volts AC Motor.

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The Jabsco 18690-0230 is a self-priming macerator pump with a Nitrile Impeller, coupled to a 230 Volts AC Motor. The Jabsco 18690-0230 macerator pump unit is the ideal solution for emptying marine holding tanks when not in a discharge restricted area. The JABSCO macerator is self-priming to five foot of lift when impeller is wet, four foot when dry, and may be mounted in any convenient point in the waste discharge system. The macerator section grinds waste down to a particle size of 1/8 Inch (3mm) maximum so it can easily by pumped through a 1 Inch (19mm) ID discharge hose. The pump is self-priming, permitting the unit to be mounted above the tank in a convenient location. For optimal efficiency, locate pump as close to holding tank as possible. The macerator has an approximate flow rate of 12 GPM (45 LPM) and will empty a typical 30 gallon (115 litre) holding tank in less than 3 minutes. The 18690-0230 waste pump will macerate and pump all waste and tissue normally found in marine and recreational vehicle waste systems. The pumps should be used in accordance with EPA, USCG Marine Sanitation Regulations, and any regional or local ordinances. The macerator should be controlled by a switch that is positioned close enough to the pump so the pump can be heard while operating. When the tank is empty there will be a change in pump noise (louder, higher frequency) at which time the macerator should immediately be switched off. The macerator pump unit has been designed to handle waste, toilet tissue, and facial tissue. It will also handle solids such as cigarettes, cigars and chunks of soft fruits or vegetables less than 1 Inch size. It will not pump solid objects like fruit pits, rags, wet strength kitchen towels, tampons or sanitary napkins. The holding tank and pump should be flushed with several gallons of water after each pumpout. Make sure the battery is fully charged. The motor is suitable only for intermittent duty and should not be run for more than 15 minutes continuously. At maximum flow of 12 GPM (45 LPM) the macerator can empty a 180 gallon (680 litre) holding tank in a single operation. The Jabsco macerator is self-priming to a five foot lift when impeller is wet, four foot when dry, and may be mounted in any convenient point in the waste discharge system. It may be mounted in any position or angle without affecting performance. If mounted vertically the motor should be above the pumphead.

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