Jabsco # 18660-0123 DC Water Puppy Bilge Pump

Jabsco Pump 18660-0123

Jabsco # 18660-0123

Jabsco catalog # 18660-0123, DC Water Puppy Bilge Pump and Motor unit. Bronze Construction. Pump is Close Coupled to a 12 Volt DC Motor. Ports are 1/2 Inch NPT and 1 Inch Hose Barb.

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Product Information :

The Jabsco 18660-0123 is a bronze Flexible Impeller pump with a Nitrile seal, 1/2 Inch NPT and 1 Inch Hose Barb Ports, coupled to a 12 Volt DC Motor. The Nitrile impeller in this pump is good for oil-based products, and has a Temperature limit of 50 degrees to 180 degrees F (10 degrees to 82 degrees C). This pump is for general transfer pumping where self-priming, 6.3 GPM (24 LPM) flow, and debris tolerance are required. Use optional oil-resistant nitrile impeller 6303-0003 if oil or diesel fuel are present. Do not run dry. These flexible impeller pumps must NOT be run dry, as the pumped liquid is the lubricant for the impeller. Observe the outlet and shut off pump as soon as liquid stops flowing. An automatic level switch is convenient to control the pump. The pump cannot run against a closed outlet such as encountered when using a garden hose type shut-off nozzle. Pressure for normal operation should not exceed 20 feet of head (8.7 psi). Motor meets USCG Electrical Standards 183.410 and ISO 8846 MARINE for IGNITION PROTECTION on gasoline powered vessels.

Do not pump gasoline, solvents, thinners or other flammable liquids.

Features :

Pump Body:
Shaft Seal:
Port Size:
Ports are 1/2 Inch NPT and 1 Inch Hose Barb

Product Specs :

6.33 GPM output at 10 feet total head.

Simple design means fewer wearing parts all user serviceable.

Complies with USCG 183.410 and ISO 8846 MARINE .


Parts and Accessories for Jabsco model 18660-0123

Impeller :

Catalog # 6303-0003, Impeller, Nitrile

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Shaft Seal :

Catalog # 18753-0384, Service Kit, Nitrile, with Impeller, O-Ring and Seal

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Use for bilge pumping, livewell circulation, washdown and general pumping requirements. If bilge water contains significant amount of oil, the standard impeller should be replaced with impeller No. 63030003, which is an oilresistant nitrile material. This pump has a nominal flow rate of 6.3 GPM, and is selfpriming from dry up to 6 feet and a lift to 20 feet when primed. Be sure suction lines are airtight or pump will not selfprime.