Jabsco # 17820-0024 Oil Change Pump System

Jabsco Pump 17820-0024

Jabsco # 17820-0024

Jabsco catalog # 17820-0024, Oil Change Pump System and Motor unit. Bronze Construction, with a Nitrile Impeller and Buna Lip Type Seal. Pump is Close Coupled to a 24 Volts DC Motor.

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The Jabsco 17820-0024 is a bronze Flexible Impeller pump Oil Change System with a Nitrile Impeller, Buna Lip Type Seal, coupled to a 24 Volts DC Motor. The Jabsco Oil Change System is designed to be installed in a vessel's engine room with its manifold and valves permanently plumbed to the vessel's engines' oil pans or transmissions' oil sumps. The manifold is factory fitted with three ball valves to serve three different oil reservoirs and may be fitted with two additional ball valves to drain up to five oil reservoirs. The system can be used to remove old oil from an engine or transmission then reversed, with the integral reversing switch, to pump a measured amount of new oil back into the engine or transmission. Each connection to an engine is controlled by a dedicated full flow ball valve. The system's cover provides an attractive appearance, fully shrouding the entire pump and manifold system. It also provides added protection against accidental draining of an engine's oil supply because the valve cover protects the factory supplied valves from being accidentally bumped open. Additionally, at the end of an oil change, the cover will not close unless the factory supplied valves are in the fully closed position.

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Catalog # 9200-0023, Impeller

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OPERATION Before proceeding with an oil change, ensure the waste oil discharge hose is connected to the pump discharge port and an adequate number of empty waste oil containers are conveniently available. Run engines to be changed 35 minutes to raise the oil temperature to about 100 degrees 140 degrees F and reduce its viscosity. To change oil, simply select the valve for the sump that is intended to be changed and open it by rotating it a full 90 degrees counterclockwise. Ensure the waste oil discharge hose is securely positioned in a waste oil receptacle and switch the pump on by moving the toggle switch in the direction that the oil needs to flow. Once the pumping process is complete, switch the pump off immediately. Do not allow the pump to run dry for more than about thirty seconds or impeller damage may occur. Using the engine's dipstick; verify that it is in fact empty and the oil flow was not stopped by sludge. If the engine oil is empty, a measured amount of the correct type of new oil can be pumped back into the engine. Insert what was the discharge hose, and for refilling purposes becomes the intake suction hose, into a container with the measured amount of oil. Move the pumps toggle switch in the direction of desired flow toward the engine and pump the measured amount of oil into it. When the container is empty immediately turn off the pump. Close the valve for the engine that was just changed and always check the oil level with the engines dipstick to ensure the oil level is correct. Transmission oil sumps can be changed in the same manner but it is recommended that the oil level dipstick be removed and remain out of its socket during the pumping process. This will maximize ventilation to the transmission and ensure excessive vacuums are not created during the oil changing process.