Jabsco # 12560-0001 Pump and Motor

Jabsco Pump 12560-0001

Jabsco # 12560-0001

Jabsco catalog # 12560-0001, Flexible Impeller Pump and Motor unit. Plastic Construction, with a Neoprene Impeller. Pump is Close Coupled to a 12 Volt DC Motor. Ports are Slip-on Barbs for 5/8 Inch id hose.

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The Jabsco 12560-0001 is a plastic Flexible Impeller pump with a Neoprene Impeller, Slip-on Barbs for 5/8 Inch id hose Ports, coupled to a 12 Volt DC Motor. The pump must be mounted in a dry location. the motor is not waterproof and must not be submerged. Selection of a cool, ventilated location will generally extend pump motor life. the unit can be mounted in any desired position. it is best to mount so that water dripping from loose port connection will not wet the motor. the pump head may be mounted at 180 degree increments on the motor to allow change in flow direction. Flexible impeller pumps must not be run dry, as the pumped liquid is the lubricant for the impeller. Observe the outlet and shut off pump as soon as liquid stops flowing.

Explosion hazard. Do not pump gasoline, solvents, thinners or other flammable liquids.

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Pump Body:
Port Size:
Ports are Slip-on Barbs for 5/8 Inch id hose

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Impeller :

Catalog # 6303-0001, Impeller, Neoprene

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Use for bilge pumping, live well circulation, washdown and general pumping requirements. if bilge water contains significant amounts of oil, the standard impeller must be replaced with a nitrile impeller 63030003 to avoid impeller swell. With a wet impeller, pump will produce a suction lift of about 4 feet and lift of 20 feet when primed. if the pump is dry, it will prime about 1.5 feet. Be sure suction lines are airtight.