Jabsco # 12290-0274 Pump and Motor 1/6 HP

Jabsco Pump 12290-0274

Jabsco # 12290-0274

Jabsco catalog # 12290-0274, Self-Priming Pump and Motor unit. Phenolic Plastic Construction, with a Viton Impeller. Pump is Close Coupled to a 1/6 Horsepower, 1750 RPM, 115 Volts Motor. Ports are 5/8 Inch OD for Hose Connections.

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Product Information :

The Jabsco 12290-0274 is a phenolic plastic Flexible Impeller pump with a Viton Impeller, 5/8 Inch OD for Hose Connections Ports, coupled to a 1/6 Horsepower, 1750 RPM, 115 Volts, 60 HZ Motor. SELF-PRIMING Vertical dry suction lift of up to 5 feet (1.5 m) for viton impellers. Pump will produce suction lift up to 15 feet (4.5 m) when wetted. TEMPERATURES Impellers are suitable for service as follows: Viton impeller 60 degrees to 180 degrees F (15.6 degrees to 82.2 degrees C). Flow rate: up to 5.9 USgpm, maximum head 30ft (13psi). Use where corrosion resistant phenolic or glass-filled expoxy material, self-priming and debris tolerance is desired. Nitrile impeller is ideal for oil based products.

Unit depends on liquid pumped for lubrication. Do not run dry for more than 30 seconds. Lack of liquid will damage the impeller and other pump components. When corrosive fluids are handled, pump life will be prolonged if pump is flushed with water after each use or after each work day.

Features :

Pump Body:
Phenolic Plastic
Port Size:
Ports are 5/8 Inch OD for Hose Connections
Motor Specs :
1/6 Horsepower, 1750 RPM RPM, 115 Volts.

Product Specs :

Easy to service and maintain.

Handles hard and soft solids without clogging.

Non pulsating flow

Parts and Accessories for Jabsco model 12290-0274

Impeller :

Catalog # 7273-0004, Impeller, Viton

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Shaft Seal :

Catalog # 1040-0001, Viton Lip Seal

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Casing frozen or cracked ? New Pump Casing :

Catalog # 12554-0000, Body, Plastic

Price: $ 106.98

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Designed as a low cost pump for transfers, circulation, spill returns, filtration and filling line use. Easily handles pure solutions, foaming liquids, emulsions, suspended solids and ferments with viscosities less than 500 SSU. Because the plastic pump is resistant to corrosion and metallic contamination, it is widely used for pumping photo chemicals, plating compounds, lab solutions, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, weak acids, alkalies, liquid fertilizers, insecticides, dyes, detergents, waxes and many more.