Jabsco # 11860-0045 Electro-Magnetic Clutch Pump 12 VDC

Jabsco Pump 11860-0045

Jabsco # 11860-0045

Jabsco catalog # 11860-0045, Electro-Magnetic Clutch Pump. Bronze Construction, with a Nitrile Impeller and Carbon/Ceramic Mechanical Seal. Ports are 1 Inch NPT. Pump has a 12 Volt DC Clutch and 1-B Pulley.

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Product Information :

The Jabsco 11860-0045 is a bronze Flexible Impeller pump with an electromagnetic clutch, Nitrile Impeller, Carbon/Ceramic Mechanical Seal, 1 Inch NPT Ports, with a 12 Volt DC Clutch and 1-B Pulley. This pump will self-prime at low or high speeds. Make sure that all connections are airtight. This pump has a 12 Volt DC electromagnetic clutch with a 1-B Pulley and Shielded Ball Bearings. Electromagnetic clutches can be operated remotely via float or Hydro Air switches, while fitting a vacuum switch eliminates all risk of dry running damage. However, electromagnetic clutches will only engage as long as electrical power remains available. These 12 Volt models are equipped with mechanical clutch engagement screws in case of electrical failure. To mechanically engage clutch, loosen locking nuts, tighten allen head screws and retighten locking nuts. Reverse procedure to disengage clutch. If the mechanical engagement feature is not desired, the screws may be removed. Do not run pump dry for more than 30 seconds as a lack of water flow may damage impeller. Pump may be mounted in any position. Intake and discharge ports are determined by the direction of shaft rotation (refer to dimensional drawing). Before installing, energize clutch and turn pump shaft in direction of shaft rotation. Drive pump with one B size belt. Avoid dry-running by using Vacuum Switch Model 4732-0000 for automatic shutoff. This pump has a Maximum flow rate of 23 GPM (87 LPM) and is self-priming from 7.8 feet (2.4m) when dry, and will lift fluid up to 22 feet (6.71 meters) when wet.

Do not run dry. Do not use this pump for gasoline, petrol, petroleum products or any products with a flash point below 37 degrees C .

Features :

Pump Body:
Shaft Seal:
Carbon/Ceramic Mechanical Seal
Port Size:
Ports are 1 Inch NPT

Product Specs :

Handles water-like and medium viscosity liquids

Excellent self-priming even from dry start-up

Unaffected by small solid contaminants

Quick and easy servicing by unskilled people

Compact, versatile and ready to use

Parts and Accessories for Jabsco model 11860-0045

Seal Kit :

Catalog # 90118-0003, Service Kit, Nitrile, with Nitrile Impeller, O-Ring and Mechanical Seal

Price: $ 127.07

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Impeller :

Catalog # 920-0003, Impeller, Nitrile

Price: $ 41.70

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Shaft Seal :

Catalog # 96080-0080, Service Kit, with Impeller, Seal and O-Ring

Price: $ 61.55

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Other Parts :

Catalog # 4732-0000, Vacuum Switch. Pump is Close Coupled to a Motor.

Price: $ 154.88

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Catalog # 4732-0000, Vacuum Switch. Pump is Close Coupled to a Motor.

Price: $ 154.88

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Can Ship : Same Day (2 in stock)


These units are inexpensive, versatile and adaptable for many applications. This pump's gentle pumping action gives excellent suspended solids handling capability, and it can pump very abrasive media. This pump can pump foams, emulsions, gas enriched aqueous materials, and is capable of pumping across a wide range of viscosities. Typical Applications for this pump are Pumping bilges, Washdowns, Circulating water in bait tanks, Utility dockside pump, Circulating and transferring, Velocitymixing, Pumping machine tool coolants, Return spill, Sump drainage, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Soap, Liquors, Ink, Dyes, Alcohol, Various acids, Tanning Liquors, Glycerine, Brine, etc. Pumping water stock, Pumping water from shallow wells and cisterns, Pumping out flooded basements, Cesspools, Sumps, Water heaters and water closets, Drains and sinks, Draining fishponds and pools, Under the hood mounting on service trucks for draining meter boxes, manholes, excavations; For pollution control and watering for dust control.