Shurflo # 8004-251-209 Diaphragm Pump with Bypass -

Shurflo Pump 8004-251-209

Shurflo # 8004-251-209

Shurflo catalog # 8004-251-209, Diaphragm Pump with 115 Volt AC Motor and Bypass. Polypropylene Pump Body, EPDM Valves, Santoprene Diaphragm. Inlet Port is 3/8 Inch-18 NPT Female, Discharge Port is 3/8 Inch-18 NPT Female.

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Product Information :

SHURflo 8000 Series diaphragm pumps are Self-priming, and feature Chemical-resistant materials. This pump has an internal bypass. Can run dry without damage. Shurflo 8000 Series internal bypass pumps are ideal for applications where an automatic demand switch is not desired. Pumps with bypass will continue to run without damage once the bypass pressure is reached. They incorporate a triple chamber design with Viton elastomers to withstand the toughest applications. Perfect for spot sprayers, foam markers and transfer applications where smooth, consistent flow is needed.

NOTE : This pump is rated for Intermittent Duty : "Intermittent Duty" is defined as; operated and/or frequently started within a period of time that would cause the motor to reach its maximum thermal limits. Once the maximum thermal limit is obtained, the motor must be allowed to return to ambient temperature before resuming operation.

Features :

Pump Body:
Port Size:
Inlet Port is 3/8 Inch-18 NPT Female, Discharge Port is 3/8 Inch-18 NPT Female.
Motor Specs :
115 Volt AC, Permanent Magnet, P/N 11-190-00, Thermally Protected.

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