Roper # 17AM01 Gear Pump

Roper Pump 17AM01

Roper # 17AM01

Roper catalog # 17AM01, A Series Gear Pump End Only (no motor), less motor mounting bracket, for mounting on a motor (with foot) c/w Cast Iron Construction, Steel Helical Gears, Bronze Bushings, Buna Mechanical Seal. c/w 3/8" NPT Ports. Max. ratings : 3.6 GPM (max.), 300 PSI (max.), 212 F Temp. Max.

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Product Information :

The Roper 17AM01 is a Cast Iron pedestal Gear Pump, bare shafted pump end, with Lower Drive shaft configuration, Hardened Steel Gears, Buna-N Mechanical Seal, 3/8 inch NPT by 3/8 inch NPT Ports, replacement pump end only without a Motor. This pump is a pump end only, for close or long coupling to motors, and is designed to operate at standard motor speeds, with provisions for flange or foot mounting. The internal bearings are lubricated by the fluid being pumped, and with only two moving parts, and idle gear and a drive gear, the pumps run quietly. They are manufactured and assembled with close tolerances, and regularly tested to insure dependable performance. The pump is factory assembled for clockwise rotation (facing the pump drive shaft end), most may be reassembled for operation with equal efficiency in a counter-clockwise rotation. All pump body castings are cast iron, for a precise, rugged, maintenance-friendly design. This gear pump has bi-directional rotation, with quiet-running helical gears precision machined to insure proper meshing, reduced friction and vibration, quiet efficient operation and long life. Four heavy duty sleeve bearings give positive support to pumping gears and insure long, efficient service. The 4 pump bearings are special wear-resistant, high-lead bronze with long-lasting bearing surfaces. (Iron and carbon bearings are available.) Large, hardened steel dowel pins insure positive alignment between the faceplate, case, and backplate. This pump end does not include a motor and is just the bare shafted pump end only. Complete pump and motor assemblies can be close coupled with a motor bracket and electrical motor, or fabricated with a pump, coupling, coupling guard, motor, and baseplate. The maximum temperature for this pump is 212 F.

Features :

Pump Body:
Cast Iron
Hardened Steel
Hardened Steel
Shaft Seal:
Buna-N Mechanical Seal
Port Size:
Inlet Port is 3/8 inch NPT, Discharge Port is 3/8 inch NPT.

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The Roper 17AM01 Series A pump is adaptable to a wide range of applications, pumping clean fluids such as pressure lubrication, hydraulic service, fuel supply or general liquid transfer. The precise manufacturing tolerances provide minimum clearances for maximum pumping efficiency. Typical applications for the 17AM01 include Pressure Lubrication, Hydraulic Service, Fuel Supply and General Transfer. This pump has a Mechanical seal shaft seal. Mechanical seals do not require adjustment. Leakage developed at the seal may be due to one of the following conditions worn, marred, or cracked rotating or stationary seal face, or bellows that have become hard, soft, cracked, expanded or extruded.