Oberdorfer # S9461FCB Stainless Steel Chemsteel Gear Pump

Oberdorfer Pump S9461FCB

Oberdorfer # S9461FCB

Oberdorfer catalog # S9461FCB, Chemsteel Gear Pump End only, with 316 Stainless Steel Housing, 316 Stainless Steel shafts, 316 Stainless Steel Drive Gear, PTFE Teflon Idle Gear, Carbon Bearings, FKM Viton/Carbon/Ceramic/316SST Single Bellows Mechanical Seal. Inlet Port is 1-1/2 inch FNPT, Discharge Port is 1-1/2 inch FNPT.

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The Oberdorfer S9461FCB is a Chemsteel Gear Pump End only, with 316 Stainless Steel Housing, 316 Stainless Steel shafts, 316 Stainless Steel Drive Gear, PTFE Teflon Idle Gear, Carbon Bearings, FKM Viton/Carbon/Ceramic/316SST Single Bellows Mechanical Seal with 1-1/2 inch FNPT Ports, replacement pump end only without a Motor. This rotary gear pump is of the external gear positive displacement type, displacing a finite volume of fluid with each shaft revolution. As such, capacity varies in direct proportion to pump speed. This pump is rated for operation at a maximum shaft speed of 1750 RPM. This pump can handle viscous fluids to 100,000 cps (462,000 SSU) at reduced shaft speeds, with flow rates to 23 GPM GPM, and a suction lift capability to 20 feet (6.1 meters) for new pumps. It has rugged, three-section, o-ring sealed thru-bolt construction provides ease of servicing and parts replacement. This pump has precision investment castings of type 316 Stainless Steel which is an all purpose austenitic stainless alloy, with excellent corrosion resistance, and is the premium choice of all 300 series stainless alloys. The precision machined helical metallic drive gear of 316 stainless steel and helical idler gear of PTFE Teflon plastic offer noise reduction by as much as 10db. Metal/Plastic gear combinations are limited to a maximum differential pressure of 100 PSI with Carbon bearings and 50 PSI with Teflon bearings. This pump features slotted bearings to lubricate the shaft and gear surfaces, and hydraulic porting to balance axial thrust and to reduce wear. The Carbon sleeve bearings and are for maximum chemical resistance and high load capacity as the carbon bearings function as thrust flanges and wear plates. They are full size bearings that match the gear diameter and eliminate the need for separate wear plates. This pump is equipped with a mechanical seal of the standard pusher bellows type. It can be expected to provide long and trouble free service provided the seal materials are compatible with fluid being pumped and properly applied to the service. Adequate cooling and lubrication of the seal is required to perform properly. Do not run the pump dry or the seal will burn up and keep abrasives out of the seal area. Ensure that the seal surfaces are wet prior to start-up and the pump and driver are properly aligned. The o-rings are Teflon encapsulating, silicone and provide elastic memory to assure an effective long lasting seal. The upper shaft configuration lends itself to in-line pump seal maintenance without the leakage of trapped chemicals from an incompletely drained pump. Ample port sizing of 1-1/2 inch FNPT ports reduce the likelihood of cavitation when inlet pressure is marginal. Additionally, this pump offers bi-directional operation for applications requiring reversing flow, and will perform equally well in either direction. To change flow direction effectively reversing the suction and discharge ports, simply switch driver rotation by following motor wiring diagram instructions. The positive displacement principle requires the installation of a pressure relief valve protecting the pump against over pressure. Over pressurization can occur when a valve is closed or a blockage occurs.
WEIGHT : The Oberdorfer S9461FCB weighs 12 Lbs.

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Inlet Port is 1-1/2 inch FNPT, Discharge Port is 1-1/2 inch FNPT.


Typical applications for the S9461FCB include Beverage Cooling, Brine Injection, Blending for fracking, Dosing pumps for organic and inorganic chemicals, Circulation pumps for hydraulic fluids, Underwater pumps for deep sea ocean applications, Transfer pumps for additives or alcohols or lyes or bases, and many other applications. This pump is designed to handle common and highly corrosive liquids that must be pumped under pressure. It is manufactured to an extremely precise tolerance, this pump will prevent system contamination while maintaining the purity and integrity of the liquid being pumped. Typical liquids pumped are adhesives, resins, catalysts, odor control additives, fertilizers, polymers, flocculants, caustics, hydrochloric acid, solvents, biocides, dyes, bleaching chemicals, detergents, and many more liquids. These gear pumps are frequently relied upon for product transfer. They can handle both high and low viscosity and high and low temperature fluids including liquefied gasses. The selection of this pump to fit a given application depends upon full knowledge of the application including both system parameters and fluid properties. As a metering pump, when mounted to a variable speed motor and controller, a gear pump offers several advantages over reciprocating type metering pumps. Unlike other reciprocating type pumps, gear pumps offer nonpulsating flow. Piping is simplified, because pulsation dampeners and back pressure valves are not required. Liquids, which have a tendency to gas off, create priming difficulties with the reciprocating type pumps. Since gear pumps are inherently self priming and their nonpulsating flow does not agitate the liquid, they may be better choices for these applications. To achieve successful operation and maximum life from your pump make sure that the pump is compatible with the service and operating conditions of your application. The pump materials of construction and other details are specified by the pump model number. This gear pump accepts standard NEMA 56C and 143/5TC motors. This enables the pump to be close coupled which provides greater assembled strength, complete enclosure of all moving parts, and a compact design. This also eliminates the need for special base plate mountings, couplings or complicated drives. This pump can also accept standard large flange C face IEC metric motors with feet in 71, 80 and 90 L frame sizes. Bracket codes are C1 for a 56C frame motor mount Adapter bracket, C2 for a 143TC/145TC frame motor mount Adapter bracket, C3 for a IEC 71 B14 frame motor mount Adapter bracket, C4 for a IEC 80 B14 frame motor mount Adapter bracket, C5 for a IEC 90 B14 frame motor mount Adapter bracket, C6 for a 182TC/184TC frame motor mount Adapter bracket, and C7 for a IEC 100 B14 frame motor mount Adapter bracket. The motor bracket is sold separately.