Oberdorfer # N1000R-S8 Bronze Gear Pump end

Oberdorfer Pump N1000R-S8

Oberdorfer # N1000R-S8

Oberdorfer catalog # N1000R-S8, Bronze pedestal Gear Pump end only, bare shafted pump end, with built in Internal Relief Valve, Bronze construction, Bronze Gears, Stainless Steel Shaft, EPDM Mechanical Seal. Inlet Port is 1/4 Inch NPT, Discharge Port is 1/4 Inch NPT.

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Product Information :

The Oberdorfer N1000R-S8 is a Bronze pedestal Gear Pump end only, bare shafted pump end, with built in Internal Relief Valve, with Bronze Gears, EPDM Mechanical Seal, 1/4 Inch NPT by 1/4 Inch NPT Ports, replacement pump end only without a Motor. This gear pump can pump most common liquids, and is suitable for water, oil, and mild compatible chemicals in the pH-range from 4-10, as well as diesel fuel. The close tolerances of the gears in this pump require clean liquids with no abrasives, as abrasives will wear down the pump and cause poor performance. Gear pumps are positive displacement pumps and each shaft revolution displaces a definite amount of liquid relatively unaffected by the back pressure in the discharge line. The shaft speed and flow are directly proportional, as the flow increases with speed increase, and the power demand (horsepower) increases with shaft speed and discharge pressure. This pump is self-priming, and the maximum suction lift for this pump is 20 feet, however, the suction line should be as short as possible. A relief valve is necessary to protect the pump and system if the discharge line becomes blocked or closed. This pump is equipped with a mechanical seal of the standard pusher bellows type or wedge style. It can be expected to provide long and trouble free service provided the seal materials are compatible with fluid being pumped, dry running is avoided, abrasives are kept away from the seal area, and the pump and driver are properly aligned. The pump has an O-ring cover seal for maximum leak protection. The bearings in this pump are designed of high performance carbon-graphite material selected for wear resistance and long service life that require no lubrication. The recommended discharge pressure limits for this pump are 100 PSI for water and non-lubricants, 150 PSI for oil and other lubricants, as the high pressure will accelerate wear. For the longest service life keep the pressure as low as possible. The maximum shaft speed is 1750 RPM. Viscous liquids require lower pump speeds and the maximum Viscosity limit is up to 50,000 SSU. This pump end does not include a motor and is just the bare shafted pump end only. Complete pump and motor assemblies can be fabricated with a pump, coupling, coupling guard, motor, and baseplate.
WEIGHT : The Oberdorfer N1000R-S8 weighs 7 Lbs.

Features :

Pump Body:
Stainless Steel
Shaft Seal:
EPDM Mechanical Seal
Port Size:
Inlet Port is 1/4 Inch NPT, Discharge Port is 1/4 Inch NPT.

Parts and Accessories for Oberdorfer model N1000R-S8

Pump Service Kit :

Catalog # 11283, Repair Kit, with Teflon Wedge Mech Seal, O-ring, 4 x Carbon Bushings/Bearings, Drive Gear assembly (with drive shaft), Idle Gear assembly (with stub shaft).

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Shaft Seal :

Catalog # 32335, Shaft Seal, PTFE Teflon/Carbon/Ceramic/316SST Single Wedge Mechanical Seal

Price: $ 984.94

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Other Parts :

Catalog # 9355-033, O-Ring PTFE

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There are many applications that the Oberdorfer N1000RS8 are used in. These pumps are suitable for all liquids that are compatible with bronze. Most common liquids are water, oil, and mild chemicals in the pH range of 4 to 11. Viscous liquids require reduced shaft speeds of 1150 RPM or lower. Liquids containing solids, abrasives, powders, or paint pigments are definitely not recommended for gear pumps. If abrasives are unavoidable, use a very low shaft speed. These gear pumps are used in Waste Water Effluent Sampling to draw samples from canals and waste areas to test the cleanliness of the water. They are used in Day Tank Diesel Transfer Systems, and have been one of the leading Diesel fuel transfer pumps for over 100 years. The purity of the fuel is an important feature in prolonged engine life and high performance. Fuels must provide satisfactory combustion without creating additional pollutants that can damage the engine. Oberdorfer Pump housings and gears are made of top quality bronze, shafts are 303 stainless steel. Bearings are designed of high performance carbongraphite material selected for wear resistance and long service life. These features make Oberdorfer pumps your best choice to keep your engines running longer and more efficiently. This pump is also the best solution for General Water Service, Chilled and Hot Water Systems, HVAC Industrial Processes, Municipal Drinking Water, Sprinkler and Irrigation Systems. NOTE Thick or viscous liquids are not recommended for centrifugal pumps. Because centrifugal pumps are more efficient at higher shaft speeds, pumping of viscous or thick liquids is difficult. It is possible to lose as much as 40 percent pump performance when attempting to pump liquids of viscosity equal to S.A.E. 30 oil at room temperature. S.A.E. 30 oil at room temperature has a viscosity of 2000 Saybolt Seconds Universal.