Oberdorfer model # 172B-A86 - Centrifugal Pump & Motor Assembly

Oberdorfer Pump 172B-A86

Oberdorfer # 172B-A86

Oberdorfer catalog # 172B-A86, Centrifugal Pump and Motor Assembly, 18 GPM, Buna Mech Shaft Seal, c/w 1/10 HP, c/w, 24VDC Volts, TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled) Electric Motor. 3/4" x 3/4" Internel NPT Ports. *** NOTE : This catalog number has been updated by the manufacturer, and will ship as the Oberdorfer Pumps catalog # 172B-A82.

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Pump Body:
Mechanical Seal Buna-N
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3/4" x 3/4" Internel NPT


Features • Rugged corrosion resistant bronze construction • Compact and light Applications One of the outstanding features of this pump and motor unit is its compact size. Although small, adequate motor power is available for pumping water, water solutions, and a wide range of commercial chemicals. Questions about the chemical compatibility of special liquids should be referred to the factory. These Oberdorfer centrifugal pumps have a single open vane rotating impeller. Liquid enters at the center and is thrown outward radially by centrifugal force. The impeller is not in contact with other pump parts resulting in quiet, efficient pumping action. The flow produced is not positive which permits the discharge line to be shut off completely without danger of overloading motors or bursting lines. Consequently, a relief valve is not required. These pumps are not selfpriming. They must be installed below the liquid level so that the liquid flows to the pump by gravity flooded suction.