Lutz Catalog # 0103-504 - 27" Polypropylene Drum Pump Tube

Lutz Pump 0103-504

Lutz # 0103-504

Lutz catalog # 0103-504, Drum Pump Tube, 27 Inch, Series MMS-PP 41 L SS 27", Polypropylene Tube, with impeller for low flow and high head. Shaft is 316 Stainless steel. Shaft is sealed with a Carbon/Silicon carbide/Viton/Hastelloy Mechanical Seal. Discharge port is 1-1/4 inch male BSP. Drum Pump Tube only - no Motor (motor sold separately). NOTE : This drum and container pump must not be used for flammable liquids.

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Features :

Pump Body:
Polypropylene, 27 Inch Tube
316 Stainless steel
Shaft Seal:
Carbon/Silicon carbide/Viton/Hastelloy Mechanical Seal


Lutz pump tubes are immersible centrifugal pumps. The drive shaft of this pump tube is sealed by a singleacting mechanical seal MS. The patented mechanical seal is integral with the lower bearing housing. This position guarantees the best operating conditions and ensures the long service life of the mechanical seal. The pump must not be allowed to run dry.

Features • Suitable for corrosive and neutral, thinbodied up to slightly viscous liquids in nonexplosive areas • Optional with electric or air driven motors • No grease fillings • Optimized drum drainage • Modular, service friendly design Applications The robust Lutz pump tube with mechanical seal or sealless is suitable for pumping clean and dirty, thinbodied and slightly viscous, aggressive and non aggressive liquids out of drums and small or large containers. The pump tube is nonlubricated, thus preventing contamination of the liquids pumped. Liquid examples Acids, alkalis, galvanic fluids, phosphates, nitrates, sulphates, chlorates, etc.