Jabsco part # 9200-0023

Jabsco Pump Parts 9200-0023

Jabsco # 9200-0023

Jabsco catalog # 9200-0023, Impeller *** NOTE : This part number has been updated by the manufacturer, and will ship as the Jabsco Pumps part # 9200-0023-P.

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The Jabsco 9200-0023 is an impeller for a Jabsco rubber impeller pump. To change the impeller, remove the pump end cover screws, end cover and O-ring. Grasp the impellers hub with a pair of pliers and pull the old impeller from the impeller bore. With a rotary motion push the new impeller into the body until the flat of the impeller insert aligns with the flat of the shaft. When the two flats align, push the impeller firmly into the impeller bore until it bottoms in the bore. Place the end cover O-ring seal in the O-ring groove in the body. Position the end cover against the body and secure it with the end cover screws.