5616-0001 Impeller - Neoprene

Jabsco Pump 5616-0001

Jabsco # 5616-0001

Jabsco catalog # 5616-0001, Impeller *** NOTE : This catalog number has been updated by the manufacturer, and will ship as the Jabsco Pumps catalog # 5616-0001-P.

Price : $ 80.59


Product Information :

Features :


Jabsco Genuine Impeller.

of Blades/Fins 6

Diameter/Width 2" NOTE These are the dimensions of a brand new impeller. Worn impellers are usually smaller due to material wear / loss.

Depth/Thickness 7/8"

Shaft Diameter 1/2"

Shaft/Drive Type Ding Drive Keyway

Insert/Hub Material Brass Brass Extended Drive Cup

Impeller Material Neoprene

NEOPRENE is the standard impeller material used in most flexible impeller pumps. It offers a wide range of chemical resistant properites. Temperature range 45F to 180F.