Jabsco # 14609-0003 Impeller

Jabsco Pump Parts 14609-0003

Jabsco # 14609-0003

Jabsco catalog # 14609-0003, Flexible Flexible Impeller, made of Nitrile. Impeller has 6 blades/fins, and is 1-1/4 inches wide (31.75mm) x 15/32 inches thick (11.91mm), and has a 5/16 inch (7.94mm) Brass Single Flat shaft hub.

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The Jabsco impeller # 14609-0003 is a flexible rubber impeller, made of Nitrile, with 6 blades/fins, and is 1-1/4 inches wide (31.75mm) by 15/32 inches thick (11.91mm), and has a 5/16 inch (7.94mm) Brass Single Flat shaft hub. This impeller is made from Nitrile rubber material, which offers compatibility with oil products. Nitrile impellers handle a wide range of oils, oil and water emulsions, diesel fuel, lower-fraction hydrocarbons, kerosene, and lubricating and machine-cutting oil. If corrosive products are pumped, pump life will be prolonged if pump flushed with water at the end of each work cycle. Temperature range of Nitrile impellers is 50 degrees F (10 degrees C) to 180 degrees F (82.2 degrees C). Lower temperatures affect priming ability and performance characteristics. The Nitrile impellers are softer and will give a reduced rated flow 10 percent below the listed pump performance. Jabsco flexible impellers are subjected to rigorous quality processes to ensure reliable, efficient and long lasting performance.


SHAFT HUB TYPE : Single Flat.

DIMENSIONS : 1-1/4 inches wide (31.75mm wide), 15/32 inches thick/deep (11.91mm), with 5/16 inch (7.94mm) Single Flat shaft hub.


The Jabsco 14609-0003 is a replacement impeller used in Industrial processing applications. After replacing and installing the new impeller, the pump will need up to 30 seconds to prime - DO NOT run dry any longer than 30 seconds as the lack of liquid will damage the impeller. Ensure suction pipework is airtight or the pump will not self-prime.

Impeller Replacement:

Replacing impellers is easy. By removing the end cover screws, it is possible to remove the impeller by using either a Jabsco Impeller Removal Tool, or channel lock pliers, to grip the hub of the impeller. Don't use screwdrivers as they may damage the face of the pump body, causing leaks, and they can be dangerous in confined spaces.
Always grease new impellers. Firstly, it makes it easier to install the impeller into the pump bore, and secondly it gives added protection to the impeller during initial prime. After replacing the gasket and end cover the pump is ready to use.


This is a replacement impeller.
Depending on how often you use the pump and how hard you are on the impeller you may need to replace this once every few years, or a few times per year.
The normal end of the flexible impeller is when there are some pieces of a blade or blades missing, and/ or some of the impeller blades are permanently and excessively curved. The blades might also be cracked about half way up their height. Sometimes the impellers can wear out because of system issues like cavitation or air being sucked into the system, and you might see pieces missing from blades tips especially in center of impeller.
Note that Flexible Impeller pumps need up to 30 seconds to prime - but do not run dry any longer as lack of liquid will damage the impeller.
If the system does not have liquid in it while the impeller is running for even a minute the impeller can burn out. If this is the case you will see that the impeller end faces are hard, polished, and cracked, like carbon. You may be missing some or all of the blades completely in severe cases. Do not run your impellers dry / without liquid. |