JRD7 Series - 3/4 HP Convertible Jet Pumps

Goulds Pump SK-JR, RPK-JR7, JRD7

Goulds # SK-JR

Goulds catalog # SK-JR, Seal kit for all JRS & JRD Series, replaces all sealing parts. Includes: Separator plate Seal Ring (#5K323), Casing O-ring (#5K230), & Mechanical Seal (#10K10).

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Goulds # RPK-JR7

Goulds catalog # RPK-JR7, Overhaul kit for JRS7 & JRD7 Series (3/4 HP), replaces all internal parts. Includes: Separator plate Seal Ring (#5K323), Separator plate (#5K253), Casing O-ring (#5K230), Guidevane/Diffuser (#3K65), Impeller (#2K901), Mechanical Seal (#10K10).

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Goulds # JRD7

Goulds catalog # JRD7, Convertible Jet Pump, Includes pump and motor, pressure switch with tubing and fittings. 3/4 Horsepower, Single-Phase, 115 Volt Motor.

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Pump Body:
Cast iron casing. (no wear ring - for a jet pump with wear ring & greater service life see model J7).
F.D.A. compliant, glass filled Noryl
Uses Motor shaft, 300 Series Stainless Steel.
Shaft Seal:
Standard Mech. Seal is Buna/Carbon/Ceramic/S.S, Casing "O"-Ring is Buna.
Port Size:
1-1/4" NPT suction, 1" NPT discharge, 1" NPT drive (pressure).


ADDITIONAL COMPONENTS REQUIRED &149; Shallow Well Package Includes shallow well adapter, nozzle, venturi and gasket or &149; Deep Well Package Choose either a twin pipe or packer style. &149; Twin pipe includes jet body, nozzle, venturi and foot valve. &149; Packer includes packer body, nozzle, venturi and builtin check valve. NOTE Packer systems also require an AWJ2 packer adapter on the wellhead. &149; Deep well systems require a pressure control valve. NOTE You must have JDW or AV22KIT to make the pressure switch connection. &149; Water system tank required on all systems.