Gorman Rupp # 16652-050 Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pump

Gorman Rupp Pump 16652-050

Gorman Rupp # 16652-050

Gorman Rupp catalog # 16652-050, Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Pump and Motor unit, Noryl Plastic construction. Motor is 115 Volts, Single Phase.

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Pump Body:
Noryl Plastic
Motor Specs :
115 Volts, Single Phase.


Typical applications for the GRI 16652050 include marine applications, laser systems, alternative energy systems, public transit systems, chillers, deviced whic circulate glycol or water, alternative power units, thermal heating and cooling systems, pirinting tools, beverage dispensers, recreational vehicle production, cooler systems, medical machinery and systems, fuel cells, coolant systems, and hydronic systems. To handle the most aggressive chemicals, the materials of construction consist of special combinations of chemically inert plastic. The impeller shaft and bearing system handle the inherent friction and motor heat with builtin cooling passages that are designed to use the pumped liquid as a lubricating coolant. These pumps use ceramic shafts with either Teflon or ceramic thrust bearings as standard materials for each magnetic drive pump line. These robust features add tremendously to the chemical compatibility and overall life of the pump to make it virtually maintenance free. The leakfree characteristics in these magnetic drive pumps makes them perfect for applications in the laboratory and analytical instrumentation market, whether using them for fluid metering, sterilizing laboratory and surgical equipment, a critical analytical application, or a simple fluid circulation loop.