AMT # 4S13XZR Cast Aluminum Trash Pump and Engine 13 HP

AMT Pump 4S13XZR


AMT catalog # 4S13XZR, Aluminum Trash Pump and Motor unit. Cast Aluminum Construction with Cast Iron Impeller and Viton/Silicon Carbide Shaft Seal. Pump is Close Coupled to a 13 Horsepower, Hatz Diesel 1B50A Engine Motor..

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Product Information :

The AMT 4S13XZR is a Cast Aluminum Trash Pump and Engine unit with a Cast Iron Impeller, Viton/Silicon Carbide Shaft Seal, coupled to a 13 Horsepower, Hatz Diesel 1B50A Engine. This trash pump is a heavy duty, centrifugal, engine-driven, self-priming (to 20 ft. lift after initially filling casing with liquid), portable unit. Pump is equipped with precision lapped mechanical seal to reduce the likelihood of leakage, and a clog-resistant impeller capable of handling solids, 4" models up to 2" diameter. Units are used to handle water containing stones, sticks, mud and other solids (up to 25 percent by volume). Sealed flange connections facilitate easy removal of suction and discharge lines. Handles liquids from 40 degrees to 180 degrees F (4 degrees to 82 degrees C). For use with nonflammable fluids compatible with pump component materials.

Features :

Pump Body:
Cast Aluminum
Cast Iron
Shaft Seal:
Viton/Silicon Carbide Shaft Seal
Motor Specs :
13 Horsepower, Hatz Diesel 1B50A Engine.

Product Specs :

Cast Iron Impeller

Silicon Carbide Mechanical Seal with Graphite Impregnated Seat and Viton Elastomers

Heavy Duty Steel Roll Frame and Strainer Included

Built-in Check Valve

Removable/Replaceable Cast Iron Suction/ Discharge Ports

Discharge Port Rotates in 90 degrees Increments

Vibration Dampening Feet

Maximum Temperature 180 degrees F

Parts and Accessories for AMT model 4S13XZR

Impeller :

Catalog # 3921-010-95, Impeller XCI Trash 1B50/L100/GX340 Subgrp/Kit

Price: $ 330.48

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Can Ship : 2 Weeks (0 in stock)

Shaft Seal :

Catalog # 1640-163-94, Mechanical Seal, Viton/Carbon/Silicon Carbide, Type 21, size 1-1/8 Inch

Price: $ 129.60

Qty :

Can Ship : 2 Weeks (0 in stock)

Casing frozen or cracked ? New Pump Casing :

Catalog # 2116-001-00, 3990 Xa 4IN Casing, Cast Aluminum

Price: $ 1321.92

Qty :

Can Ship : 2 Weeks (0 in stock)


The AMT 4S13XZR Portable High Volume, Selfpriming Centrifugal Trash pumps include easy cleanout with replaceable cast iron impeller and volute that resist abrasion/wear. All pumps feature aluminum housing, cast iron wearparts, builtin check valve, suction strainer and heavy duty steel roll frame. Heavy duty cast iron flanges with male NPT threads that rotates in 90 degrees increments. Easy access fill plug on discharge port.