N202M Series - Engine Cooling - 5 Bolt Mount

Oberdorfer Pump N202M-15, N202M-16

Oberdorfer # N202M-15

Oberdorfer catalog # N202M-15, Rubber Impeller Pump, Pump End Only, 11.3 GPM, Lip Seal ,

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Oberdorfer # N202M-16

Oberdorfer catalog # N202M-16, Rubber Impeller Pump, Pump End Only, 11.3 GPM, Lip Seal ,

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Pump Body:
Neoprene Impeller Standard, Buna N Impeller Optional
316 Stainless Steel Shaft
Shaft Seal:
Buna N
Port Size:
1/2" FNPT
Motor / Amp Draw:
Shafted Pedestal Pump only (Motor HP recommendations are listed in the performance chart)


Pump Performance &149; DESIGN Bronze Construction Corrosion Resistance. Neoprene Impeller Standard, Buna N Impeller Optional. Two Sealed Ball Bearings Spaced for Maximum Load Ability. Pump will operate satisfactorily when mounted in any position. DO NOT RUN DRY. Rubber impeller pumps generate high rubbing friction unless lubricated by liquid pumped. Lack of liquid will cause impeller to burn up. &149; IMPELLER REPLACEMENT The impeller must be replaced if it is worn out or has been damaged by debris or by running the pump dry. Symptoms of a defective impeller are low pumping pressure and low flow causing overheating of the boat engine. Poor pump performance can also be caused by slippage of Vbelts, so belts should be checked for tightness. To replace the impeller remove screws and cover. Pull out the impeller with nose pliers or two screwdrivers. Be careful not to dent the pumping chamber with these tools. When inserting new impeller, line up key slot in impeller with the key in the shaft. Use oil on shaft and avoid forcing the impeller onto the shaft. The impeller should also be removed for storage periods to prevent the blades from taking a permanent set. &149; PRESSURES Maximum pressure to 125 PSI and working casing pressure to 200 PSI. Maximum Inlet Booster Pressure is 50 PSI gears will start to flex if pressure on the inlet side exceeds 50 PSI, causing excessive wear. &149; SELF PRIMING Suction lift of 15 feet is possible when impeller is wet. Suction lines must be air tight in order for pump to self prime. A foot valve at beginning of suction line is recommended. &149; TEMPERATURES Extremes of cold and heat will affect impeller life. Limits of 40o to 140o F should be observed. Do not allow liquid in pump to freeze. Drain pump by loosening cover screws. Use methyl alcohol based antifreeze compounds such as Zerex, Shell Zone, Pyro Permanent, Permagard, Dowgard.

USES Shertech selfpriming, positive displacement, external rotary gear pumps operate bidirectionally reversible and provide nearly pulseless flow for a wide range of industrial, marine, agricultural, and commercial chemicalduty applications. Pedestal Pumps are for custom Base Mounted long coupled installations.

NOTICE Do not use to pump flammable or explosive fluids such as gasoline, fuel oil, kerosene, etc. Do not use in flammable and/or explosive atmospheres. When pumping hazardous or dangerous materials, use only in a room or area designated for that purpose. For your protection, always wear proper clothing, eye protection, etc. in case of any malfunction. For proper handling techniques and cautions, contact your chemical supplier, insurance company and local agencies fire dept., etc.. Failure to comply with this warning could result in personal injury and/or property damage.