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Complete stock list of Teel Dayton Pumps we carry :
1P895    XCI S-Prm Cent.
1P897    XCI S-Prm Cent.
1P896    XCI S-Prm Cent.
1P955    XCI S-Prm Cent.
5ZT17    XSS S-Prm Cent.
1P746    PED-XCI S-Prm Cent.
3P553    XCI S-Prm Cent.
5ZT18    XSS S-Prm Cent.
1P954    XCI S-Prm Cent.
5ZT19    XSS S-Prm Cent.
3P552    XCI S-Prm Cent.
5ZT20    XSS S-Prm Cent.
3P551    XCI S-Prm Cent.
5ZT21    XSS S-Prm Cent.
1P851    XCI S-Prm Cent.
5ZT22    XSS S-Prm Cent.
1P855    1-1/2" Dewatering
1P884    PED-1-1/2" Dewatering
3P577    XCI S-Prm Cent.
1P862    XA S-Prm Cent.
1P852    XCI S-Prm Cent.
1P853    XCI S-Prm Cent.
1P854    XCI S-Prm Cent.
1P952    XCI S-Prm Cent.
1P953    XCI S-Prm Cent.
5ZT23    XCI S-Prm Cent.
3P705    XCI S-Prm Cent.
3P706    XCI S-Prm Cent.
3P707    XCI S-Prm Cent.
1P855    XCI S-Prm Cent.
1P884    XCI S-Prm Cent.
5ZT23    XCI S-Prm Cent.
1P856    XCI S-Prm Cent.
1P857    XCI S-Prm Cent.
1P858    XCI S-Prm Cent.
3P601    3" Engine Driven Trash
3P609    PED-3" Engine Driven Trash
3P655    3" Engine Driven Trash
3P604    St Centrifugal
5ZT24    St Centrifugal
3P606    St Centrifugal
5ZT25    St Centrifugal
3P737    St Centrifugal
3P608    St Centrifugal
5ZT26    St Centrifugal
3P605    St Centrifugal
3P607    St Centrifugal
5ZT27    St Centrifugal
5ZT28    St Centrifugal
5ZT29    St Centrifugal
5ZT30    St Centrifugal
1P869    2" Solids Handling
3P526    2" Solids Handling
1P868    1-1/2" Solids Handling
3P525    1-1/2" Solids Handling
1P950    2" Solids Handling
1V256    2" Engine Driven Trash
5ZT33    2" Solids Handling
4XX78    XCI Sewage/Trash
4XX79    XCI Sewage/Trash
6XZ24    2" Dredge Pump
1P795    Laundry Tray
3P600    3" Solids Handling
5ZT31    3" Solids Handling
3P613    Diaphragm
3P682    Diaphragm
3P681    Diaphragm
4TA88    Diaphragm
3P582    3" Solids Handling
2P015    PED-3" Solids Handling
3P656    3" Solids Handling
1P913    Fertilizer Pump 3.5 HP
1P946    Fertilizer Pump 3.5 HP
2P103    Fertilizer Pump 5 HP
5ZT32    2" XCI Dewatering Viton GC Honda
3P704    Sprinkler/Booster 5HP
3P703    Sprinkler/Booster 7.5HP
3P736    Bronze Marine
1P831    1/3HP St Elec Cent.
1P787    1/3HP St Elec Cent.
1V258    1/3HP St Elec Cent.
1P796    PED-St Elec Cent.
1V261    PED-St Elec Cent.
1P935    1-1/2HP St Elec Cent.
1P791    1-1/2HP St Elec Cent.
1V265    1-1/2HP St Elec Cent.
1P834    1HP St Elec Cent.
1P790    1HP St Elec Cent.
1V267    1HP St Elec Cent.
1P837    1-1/2HP St Elec Cent.
1P793    1-1/2HP St Elec Cent.
1V269    1-1/2HP St Elec Cent.
1P798    PED-1-1/2HP St Elec Cent.
1V271    PED-1-1/2HP St Elec Cent.
1P833    3/4HP St Elec Cent.
1P789    3/4HP St Elec Cent.
1V275    3/4HP St Elec Cent.
1P832    1/2HP St Elec Cent.
1P788    1/2HP St Elec Cent.
1V277    1/2HP St Elec Cent.
1P836    3/4HP St Elec Cent.
1P792    3/4HP St Elec Cent.
1V279    3/4HP St Elec Cent.
1P797    PED-3/4HP St Elec Cent.
1V281    PED-3/4HP St Elec Cent.
1P868    Solids Pump 3.5 HP
3P525    Solids Pump 3.5 HP
2P004    Sprinkler/Booster
2P005    Sprinkler/Booster
2P006    Sprinkler/Booster
2P104    Sprinkler/Booster
2P007    Sprinkler 3.5HP
1P985    2" Dewatering
4TA87    2" Dewatering
1P985    Polyester Pump 3.5HP
1R320    EPDM Seal Kit
1P986    Polyester Pump 3.5HP
3P957    2" Dewatering Buna w/Frame
5ZT34    2" Dewatering Buna GC Honda
1P996    1-1/2" S-Prm Elec Spa/Pool
1P997    1-1/2" S-Prm Elec Spa/Pool
1P998    1-1/2" S-Prm Elec Spa/Pool
2P091    1-1/2" S-Prm Elec Spa/Pool
2P092    1-1/2" S-Prm Elec Spa/Pool
2P373    1-1/2" S-Prm Cent.
2P121    1-1/2" S-Prm Cent.
2P422    56C Pedestal
2P374    1-1/2" S-Prm Cent.
2P122    1-1/2" S-Prm Cent.
2P486    56J Pedestal
2P375    1-1/2" S-Prm Cent.
2P123    1-1/2" S-Prm Cent.
2P376    1-1/2" S-Prm Cent.
2P124    1-1/2" S-Prm Cent.
2P377    1-1/2" S-Prm Cent.
2P125    1-1/2" S-Prm Cent.
3P654    Engine Driven Trash 11HP
3P955    Engine Driven Trash 13HP
2P333    2" Engine Driven Trash
3P956    2" Engine Driven Trash
4XX80    XCI Sewage/Trash
4XX81    XCI Sewage/Trash
3P712    3" Engine Driven Trash
4XX82    XCI Sewage/Trash
4XX83    XCI Sewage/Trash
4XX84    XCI Sewage/Trash
4XX85    XCI Sewage/Trash
2P008    1-1/2" High Pressure Cent.
3P653    4" Engine Driven Trash
3P955    4" Engine Driven Trash
4XX86    XCI Sewage/Trash
3P544    Sump
4P029    Sump
3P545    Sump
4P031    Sump
3P546    Sump
3P649    Sump
4P033    Sump
3P654    4" Engine Driven Trash
1P913    2" Dewatering
1P946    2" Dewatering
2P103    2" Dewatering
1P295    Coolant
1P630    Coolant
4P939    St Centrifugal
5ZT35    St Centrifugal
4P940    St Centrifugal
5ZT36    St Centrifugal
4P941    St Centrifugal
5ZT37    St Centrifugal
3P663    St Centrifugal
5ZT38    St Centrifugal
3P738    St Centrifugal
3P664    St Centrifugal
5ZT39    St Centrifugal
2P390    1" S-Prm Centrifugal
2P485    1" S-Prm Centrifugal
4P909    1" S-Prm Centrifugal
1V287    1" Dewatering
3P948    Mounting Bracket
3P949    Coolant
3P950    Coolant
3P947    Mounting Bracket
3P945    Coolant
3P946    Coolant
3P943    Coolant
3P944    Coolant
3P952    Coolant
3P953    Coolant
3P951    Coolant
3P954    Coolant
1P999    Basket Strainer
2P684    Hand Pump
2P683    Hand Pump
2P852    Sprinkler/Booster
1V289    Sprinkler/Booster
1V294    Sprinkler/Booster
1V296    Sprinkler/Booster
1V298    1-1/2" High Pressure Cent.(2Stage)
5ZT40    1-1/2" High Pressure Cent.(2Stage)
3P739    Hand Diaphragm (DISCONTINUED)
2P093    Hand Pump
4P888    S-Prm Marine
4P062    Bronze Marine
1N538    High Head St Centrifugal
4XX87    High Head St Centrifugal
1V300    High Head St Centrifugal
1N537    High Head St Centrifugal
4XX88    High Head St Centrifugal
1V302    High Head St Centrifugal
1N542    High Head St Centrifugal
4XX89    High Head St Centrifugal
1V304    High Head St Centrifugal
1N541    High Head St Centrifugal
4XX90    High Head St Centrifugal
1V306    High Head St Centrifugal
1N540    High Head St Centrifugal
4XX91    High Head St Centrifugal
1V308    High Head St Centrifugal
1N539    High Head St Centrifugal
4XX92    High Head St Centrifugal
1V310    High Head St Centrifugal
4XX93    PED-High Head St Centrifugal
1V312    PED-High Head St Centrifugal
4XX94    High Head St Centrifugal
4XX95    High Head St Centrifugal
4XX96    High Head St Centrifugal
4XX97    High Head St Centrifugal
4XX98    High Head St Centrifugal
4XX99    High Head St Centrifugal
4XZ01    High Head St Centrifugal
4XZ02    High Head St Centrifugal
4XZ03    High Head St Centrifugal
1V314    High Head St Centrifugal
4XZ04    High Head St Centrifugal
1V316    High Head St Centrifugal
1N514    High Head St Centrifugal
4XZ05    High Head St Centrifugal
1V318    High Head St Centrifugal
1N513    High Head St Centrifugal
4XZ06    High Head St Centrifugal
1V320    High Head St Centrifugal
1N512    High Head St Centrifugal
4XZ07    High Head St Centrifugal
1V322    High Head St Centrifugal
1N511    High Head St Centrifugal
4XZ08    High Head St Centrifugal
1V324    High Head St Centrifugal
4XZ09    PED-High Head St Centrifugal
1V326    PED-High Head St Centrifugal
4XZ10    High Head St Centrifugal
4XZ11    High Head St Centrifugal
4XZ12    High Head St Centrifugal
4XZ13    High Head St Centrifugal
4XZ14    High Head St Centrifugal
4XZ15    High Head St Centrifugal
4XZ16    High Head St Centrifugal
4XZ17    High Head St Centrifugal
4P908    Hand Pump
4P910    1" S-Prm Centrifugal
2P363    Hand Pump
3XU90    Sump
3XU91    Sump
3XU92    Sump
3XU93    Sump
3XU94    Sump
4RC45    Hand Pump
4RC26    Coolant/Oil
4XZ18    Coolant/Oil
4RC27    Coolant/Oil
4XZ19    Coolant/Oil
4XZ20    Coolant/Oil
4XZ21    Coolant/Oil
4XZ22    Coolant/Oil
4RC28    Coolant/Oil
4XZ23    Coolant/Oil
4RC29    Coolant/Oil
4XZ24    Coolant/Oil
4XZ25    Coolant/Oil
4XZ26    Coolant/Oil
4XZ27    Coolant/Oil
4TA72    Pump Head 3/4 HP
4XZ28    Seal Kit Viton
4TA71    3/4HP XSS St Cent.
4XZ29    3/4HP XSS St Cent.
4XZ30    3/4HP XSS St Cent.
4XZ31    3/4HP XSS St Cent.
4TA73    3/4HP XSS St Cent.
4TA75    Pump Head 1/2 HP
4TA74    Pump Transfer 1/2 HP
4TA78    Pump Head 1 HP
4TA76    Viton Seal/Gasket Kit
4TA77    1HP XSS St Cent.
4XZ32    1HP XSS St Cent.
4XZ33    1HP XSS St Cent.
4XZ34    1HP XSS St Cent.
4TA79    1HP XSS St Cent.
4TA81    Pump Head 1.5 HP
4TA80    1-1/2HP XSS St Cent.
4XZ35    1-1/2HP XSS St Cent.
4XZ36    1-1/2HP XSS St Cent.
4XZ37    1-1/2HP XSS St Cent.
4TA82    1-1/2HP XSS St Cent.
4TA83    Pump Head 2 HP
4XZ38    2HP XSS St Cent.
4XZ39    2HP XSS St Cent.
4XZ40    2HP XSS St Cent.
4TA84    2HP XSS St Cent.
4TA85    Pump Head 3 HP
4XZ41    3HP XSS St Cent.
4XZ42    3HP XSS St Cent.
4XZ43    3HP XSS St Cent.
4TA86    3HP XSS St Cent.
4XZ44    Seal Kit Viton
4XZ45    3HP XSS Hi-Head St Cent.
4XZ46    3HP XSS Hi-Head St Cent.
4XZ47    3HP XSS Hi-Head St Cent.
4XZ48    2HP XSS Hi-Head St Cent.
4XZ49    2HP XSS Hi-Head St Cent.
4XZ50    2HP XSS Hi-Head St Cent.
4XZ51    1-1/2HP XSS Hi-Head St Cent.
4XZ52    1-1/2HP XSS Hi-Head St Cent.
4XZ53    1-1/2HP XSS Hi-Head St Cent.
4RC46    Hand Pump